Cheap Fake Ray Bans - Oakley big wave of new sunglasses released, functional fashion are not let go

  • Posted on: 15 March 2017
  • By: admin

Oakley big wave of new sunglasses released, functional fashion are not let go
Summer is coming, not only the sun, but also concave sunglasses should be ready. Recently, Oakley launched the latest 2017 sunglasses, compared to the professional sports series, in ensuring a certain protective performance, more fitting fashion.
CROSSRANGE is a series of new products in the new, officially named as deformation, specifically for the design of different occasions metrosexual man around the city, including daily modeling and motion occasions two design style products, is a suitable for travel, with sapphire polarized lenses and lens Pink Golf collocation can choose.
Another blockbuster product is EVZero STRIDE zero - all-weather series products, is Replica Ray Ban Sunglasses Outlet a multi-purpose sports sunglasses flagship, the maximum design and reduce the frame glasses weight, wear more docile and comfortable, the glasses is also a lot of professional choice.
HOLBROOK METAL is a pioneer of ultra-thin metal series left the atmosphere of the fashion style, rectangular lenses and stainless steel frame as beautiful and practical, the detail aspect is in place, in addition to high purity lens material can bring 100% UV protection at the same time, also with the light to show the color change is different, very light show.
FIN BOX is suitable for the use of rogue professionals a classic rectangular lens design of masculinity, mirror light material, but also with four sets of different sizes of the nose, which greatly improves the wearing comfort.
The remaining two are for young people to create, in which RADAR EV XS radar EV is the flagship sports protection of a YOUTH type CROSSLINK, with the main chain of daily use, two models are designed for special type of teenagers, wearing more comfortable, it will not affect the physical development.
At present, the domestic several have not yet been listed, love friends can wait for domestic sale.