The girl you fire the pace of this ability is to playing god

  • Posted on: 18 March 2017
  • By: admin

An American girl fire! Priority project host before the election in the United States in the United States, interview to an 11 year old girl from northern Virginia. The little girl showed high political quality, the thought is agile, logic clear, talk easy humor, for your own future is extremely clear cognition and planning, netizens have said "I could see the future of female President of the United States!" Let's have a look at how she said.
Begin with the video, the little girl in the face of the lens as cool as a cucumber, talk about why their loyalty support President trump.
Originally, because trump and other politicians, in the face of the complex national problems, only he is really want to solve the problem and put forward their own solutions.
The end of the interview, the girl's life planning is clear. Said he graduated from the university of Pennsylvania, will be in the future to do the police do a private detective to judge. If my motherland needs me, I will run for President.
The following for journalists and her video dialogue:
Reporter: "why do you support the trump?"
Her: once a day, I watch TV at home, is that still haven't campaign started before, then there is so personal, he said to the many we are faced with the problem, ok, all the politicians. Then, fantastic things happened, he began to say how can we solve the problem. It's really great, never politicians to talk about how to solve the problem, there may be some will, but they're not really going to solve. They are an armchair strategist, but I can feel, trump is serious.
Then he said something I won't forget in my life, "I, Donald j. trump will participate in the U.S. presidential campaign". Of course he said he would build a wall to Mexico people will pay for it is my favorite words.
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Reporter: you and your teacher talk about these?
Her: yeah, yeah. She is a republican.
Reporter: oh, is it? Then you can because in school support trump and bullied?
She: many students will exclude me in our class. Most is a student of grade six.
Reporter: grade 6? They say you?
Her: they say start because I met my golden coat, then say "oh, you is which girl trump "Like this. But I never have these affects me.
Reporter: what do you think the main problem in this country?
She: immigration, I actually like immigrants. If they took the form of legal immigrants. I don't like the word illegal, I like. If they can't follow the rules, that we have to implement some preventive measures.
Reporter: as a child, what do you think of in addition to immigration, you can see what other problem?
She: education, teachers' unions rights is too big. So I support the President appointed a trump. A woman called Betsy minister of education. She is great, he is doing everything they can to solve these problems. I am also very support education options.
Reporter: are you parents let you contact with politics?
Her: not, my mother in the primaries is ted cruz's supporters, I said on the day of the vote to give him, I asked him to cast the trump, she didn't listen to me. But it's ok, but after primary, she realized her mistake. In fact, I quite like ted cruz, but I like Donald trump more.
Reporter: what do you want to be when you grow up?
She: I will graduate from the university of Pennsylvania, the army for 5 years and then when the police, and then become a homicide detectives, then do a private detective, and then I'll Egyptian theology and astronomy as a hobby, retired as a judge.
, of course, this is the most sobering "if the country need me, I will be running for President".
Journalist: would you like trump campaign? Can't dominate this day and age, media say they have only the American people can dominate the era.
She: of course, but I still don't know in what way I would run for President. Because I don't know yet when I grow up after political will become what appearance. Perhaps some things will change. Media may become more friendly. Joking! But I just don't know what I would go to the campaign. Only when I am ready to go to run for President, I will know after I will in what way, there is a long time.
Reporter: so if the annual trump didn't run for President, you will be as it is now keen to politics?
She: I don't know, in fact, I have been understanding of politics. But not very deep, just a little bit. If there is no trump, I don't know how to get here. I won't come to the conservative political action memories, I'll stay home and watch TV, play computer games, look at Disney. Maybe watch a little bit of news, but not like now.