oakley prescription frames - OAKLEY sunglasses lens performance classification

  • Posted on: 19 March 2017
  • By: admin

OAKLEY sunglasses lens performance classification and selection guide OAKLEY world famous athletics, cycling, beach volleyball, tennis, baseball, golf, speed skating and other athletes are wearing OAKLEY sunglasses in training and competition. Such as Alan Johnson (track and field), Lance Armstrong (bicycle), Agassi (tennis), (large and small) Yang Yang (short track speed skating), and so on, (air skills) and so on. If you are a taste, love the world's top commodities. At present, the owner of the glasses in China is basically a national or local sports team a few sports team athletes and coaches, ordinary people do not know the brand....... The following content will only Oakley products are divided into the following series. Ski goggles: O FRAME, L FRAME, E FRAME, A FRAME, WISDOM, CROWBAR. Motocross goggles: PRO M FRAME, M FRAME, L FRAME, H2O FRAME, A FRAME. Comprehensive sports: including bicycles, fast skating, straight row wheel shoes, skateboard, tennis, basketball, shooting, sailing, hockey, beach Fake Ray Ban Sunglasses Sale volleyball, and snowboarding and other sports. NEW M FRAME, SWEEP, STRIKE, HYBRID, HEATER. NEW PRO FRAME, SWEEP, STRIKE, HYBRID, HEATER. ZERO - NEW ZERO, ZERO S, ZERO L. JACKET - NEW JACKET, STREIGHT JACKET, MINUTE, XX TWENTY, RACING JACKET, EYE JACKET 2, EYE JACKET 3, TOPCOAT, SCAR, HALF JACKET, FLAK JACKET, RADAR, LIVESTRONG, EYE....... Leisure series: E WIRE 2, T WIRE, A WIRE 2, SQ WIRE 2, C WIRE, HALFWIRE, WIRETAPE, ROMEO, ROMEO, II, JULIET, XX, X-METAL, PENNY, HATCHET, MARS, FIVE, FROGSKIN, XX, TWENTY, MINUTE, FOUR, SPLICE, DARTBOARD, UNKNOWN, VALVE, WHISKER, CROSSHAIR. GASCAN, WHY 8.2....... Special series: golf special: NEW M FRAME, NEW PRO FRAME, NEW ZERO, HALF JACKET, MINUTE, M. Baseball special: M FRAME, PRO M FRAME, NEW ZERO. Basketball special: NEW M FRAME, NEW PRO M FRAME. Water sports: a full range of special sport and leisure section anti polarization Polaroid lenses, and WATER JACKET. Preparation of RX: all type of myopia lens can be prepared (Zero series). New RX myopia frame series: O1, O2, O3, O5, O6, O7, Why-1, Why-2, Why-3, SINE, COSINE, Straight, Off, Line, Yardstick, Chain, Chop Top, Split Thread, such as dozens of. Accessories and clothing: hat, beret, wool hat. Men's and women's LIFE STYLE series of costumes: long sleeve T-SHIRT, POLO, length pants, jeans, street fashion dress, etc.. Female fashion dress. Men's and women's sports special series of clothing: bicycles, golf, basketball, surfing, skiing, rhythm, etc.. BACKPACK, WET/DRY PACK, backpack: SNOW PACK, GRAPHIC PACK, HARDSHELL BACKPACK, O PACK, SANDBAG MINI, ICON BACKPACK, COMPUTER BAG, SURF PACK, MTB PACK, cabas and shoulder bag and backpack. Casual shoes: sports socks. MTB gloves, golf gloves, gloves. Plastic and aluminum size glasses box