Cheap Fake Ray Bans - Compared to Ray-Ban, we love this more overbearing Sunglasses

  • Posted on: 8 April 2017
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Compared to Ray-Ban, we love this more overbearing Sunglasses
Like the girl bag, men also have a stand in the town court sunglasses. Owned goods not to mention how much damage to the eyes, the kind of inferior material and grass root people can expose a temperament...
To say good quality sunglasses, only know the rotten street of Ray-Ban is not enough. For example, this RANDOLPH (Randolph), let us completely move the heart. Not for anything else, just because it's a tough guy.
Let's see who is using it:
Us air force, army, Navy, Marine Corps
Coast Guard, air force honor guard, NASA
Be afraid of... Hard burst!
At the same time, Australia, Belgium, Italy, Israel, Jordan and other countries with special equipment
In 1972, Randolph engineering company was founded in Boston, and soon in the field of optical glass Replica Ray Ban Sunglasses Outlet has been a huge success, into the U.S. Department of defense supplier sequence.
Today, the U.S. military has designated Randolph as the first sunglasses supplier.
They all wore RANDOLPH
But you may be regarded as Ray-Ban...
RANDOLPH is known for the first time. Because Tom Curise played in the "top gun" in the pilot role, wearing is RANDOLPH.
The movie soup in the RANDOLPH bright and brave blessing, captured the hearts of thousands of people, also captured the hearts of the enemy...
This directly led to the hot fashion RANDOLPH,
A lot of fashionable coffee also began to wear.
A couple who were still together...
Bob Dylan, who was wearing the Presidential Medal of freedom...
Of course, it is not forced by the military background, in addition to temperament hard, quality as hard.
Leading optical technology
The addition of silver halide (AgX) in the lens allows you to easily adapt to changes in light intensity. Strong light, AgX decomposition to produce silver to make the lens become darker, light transmittance decreased; when the light is weak, the decomposition of the product and re synthesis of AgX, the lens becomes shallow.