ray ban 8301 - "Summer glasses glasses wholesale city people send in sunglasses

  • Posted on: 14 April 2017
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"Summer glasses glasses wholesale city people send in sunglasses
Once a year the summer arrived, the people of Wuhan glasses wholesale city (Jianghan Road pedestrian street flyover shop) branch grand opening in March, unrest swept through Jiangcheng, the consumers should be required, summer activities are underway to send sunglasses glasses. People glasses wholesale city manager, said the people's glasses wholesale city integration of the country's more than and 100 glasses manufacturers, select the best manufacturers to cooperate. "In order to ensure low prices, we choose to cooperate with the manufacturers also have a competition mechanism, so that people get the benefits of the largest."
I and several friends in Jianghan District People glasses glasses wholesale city, I feel very satisfied, not only optometry through-train service, and have a professional optometrists glasses, low price, good quality and excellent quality than traditional stores. After selecting the lens frame, only 10-30 minutes to get glasses. During the opening of a customer with a one-time three glasses, feeling very affordable. I see in the glasses glasses wholesale city, the environment is good, the optional frame up to tens of thousands of brands, various brands of high and low ray ban sunglass sale frame range. Wholesale city manager said that the wholesale city quality frame up to hundreds of prices in the 12-100 yuan (the market price 200-650 yuan), the high-end frame is the wholesale price of domestic famous brand lenses; the wholesale price of 45-450 yuan (the market price 160-1200 yuan). Zeiss lenses Essilor wholesale price discount. 1.67 refractive index ultra-thin radiation lens, the wholesale price of 280-450 yuan, (the market price of 500-1200 yuan or more). 1.74 refractive index ultra-thin radiation lens wholesale price of 760 yuan, the market price of more than $1300. In this regard, the responsible person in charge of wholesale city, all goods genuine, fake a penalty of ten!. I learned from the glasses market, compared with the wholesale price of glasses wholesale city of Wuhan people, Jiangcheng glasses prices in many places too high, and some even as much as 5 times the difference between the middle!
Summer glasses activities: July 15th -8 month 15 days
1 glasses, full 230 yuan to send the value of 85 yuan a pair of sunglasses, over 350 yuan to send the value of 160 yuan a pair of sunglasses
2 glasses, full 500 yuan to send the value of 220 yuan a pair of sunglasses, over 950 yuan to send chanel sunglasses (price 510 yuan) a
3, all with 1.67 thin anti radiation lenses (the wholesale price of 280 yuan) to send a glasses ultrasonic cleaner (worth 80 yuan) + by newspaper free travel 20 yuan; brand sunglasses preferential activities underway (Tyrannosaurus Rex, Passa, Prosun, ports, Ray-Ban).