ray ban 3269 - On the market in Huangshi high imitation inferior sunglasses 40% sunglasses are not suitable for everyone to wear

  • Posted on: 15 April 2017
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On the market in Huangshi high imitation inferior sunglasses 40% sunglasses are not suitable for everyone to wear
Polarizer, nylon mirror, blue film mirror...... In summer, many Metrosexual sunglasses are called the must-have items, now playing the concept of hundreds of thousands. The demand for fashion, but also spawned a large number of high imitation, poor sunglasses. Reporter survey found that many glasses market in Huangshi can be seen everywhere this kind of sunglasses; industry sources said the market for such sunglasses over 40%.
How to choose the sunglasses? Who should not wear sunglasses? Yesterday, the reporter conducted a visit.
Typical case: wearing inferior glasses actually became tears ran female"
"My eyes have been in tears after the glare, I do not know how?" The day before yesterday, the public Ms. Wang came to a hospital in Huangshi consulting eye disease. During the May Day, she went to Beijing tourism, shopping in the evening at the local, in the booth to pick up a pair of 30 yuan sunglasses. "Just wearing two days, eyes a little uncomfortable." Ms. Wang said, just began to feel dry eyes, third days there will be more than tears, redness, itching and other symptoms. "At first I thought it might be a bad weather in Beijing." Ms. Wang said, second custom sunglasses days from Beijing back, she rushed to the hospital. After the diagnosis, the doctor said it is the poor quality sunglasses on their eyes, resulting in corneal edema, the doctor advised to immediately stop wearing the sunglasses.
Reporter survey: three noes Sunglasses flooded the market
Yesterday, the reporter visited the tower on the kiln, markets, Cultural Palace Street, lake division found the night market stall, many in the sale of sunglasses without any mark, the price ranging from 20 yuan to 200 yuan, and the high imitation Sunglasses everywhere, MontBlanc, Ray-Ban, Dior and other well-known brands often see. "This is a basic style, a price of 20 yuan." A shop owner told reporters on the kiln the most common sunglasses. The sunglasses frame and lenses are plastic, no production license, no tag. Then the boss took out a price of $150 sunglasses to reporters. Reporters found that the sunglasses frame is a metal material, the above set with a few diamond, glass lenses, looks much better than the first quality, but there is no production license.
In another shop, the reporter asked to buy high imitation sunglasses, a sales clerk told reporters came to the room. He opened several drawers with "MontBlanc" and "Ray-Ban"". "Ray-Ban all the money is 180 yuan a pair, if you buy the real thing, at least back plus a" 0 "." The clerk said.
Reporters interviewed more than 10 people, they have said that the purchase of sunglasses is mainly fancy style, did not pay attention to the relevant logo and index.
Industry secret: fake and shoddy glasses over 40%
Is there any problem with the sunglasses? Huangshi is a well-known song shop manager said, some high imitation or inferior sunglasses have tags, she suggested that the best buy sunglasses to professional institutions. General store sunglasses are taken from the manufacturers, each pair of glasses have labels, but also with quality certificate. Some of the brand's security code engraved on the mirror legs, you can see the open label, you can search through the security phone."
Whether through the senses to distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of sunglasses? Song manager weapon: put sunglasses in the sun for a while, if you feel the lens fever, is inferior.
In terms of price, Ms. Song said, according to the current price, 50 yuan of sunglasses is best not to buy. "General sunglasses can only reduce glare, UV intensity, etc.." Song manager, polarized lenses due to a polarizing nature, can be completely blocked because of scattering, inflection, reflection caused by various factors but also the dazzling glare of human harmful ultraviolet rays completely barrier and other expensive glasses are suspected of playing concept. "Glasses industry in the inferior, fake products too much." An operator who has more than 20 years of glasses store insiders said, in the industry, inferior, fake, high imitation Sunglasses accounted for more than 40%, and some manufacturers even from the regular manufacturers recycling waste recycling production.