oakley sunglass cases - Spend less than 3 is simply dark grass machine

  • Posted on: 11 May 2017
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Spend less than 3 is simply dark grass machine
Look at the first few episodes of the baby will certainly find that spend a small group of sunglasses is mainly Gentle Monster, and wearing a lot of net red, it is Gentle Monster home show.
Of course, there are other brands, such as "CFO" this retro Jiang Shuying wearing spectacles from designer Chongyu tide brand JINNNN.
We've seen it on the street shots of Lin Xu, Wang Luodan, Yang Mi and Ma Sichun.
The metal flat mirror this nerd style early in the popular star, with hippie Book taste, and not deliberately oakley splinter retro feeling, Kendall, Natasha Ndlovu, Chiara Ferragni, Bella sister is its followers.
This summer you want to be a nerd!
Then ushered in today 's main event - spend a few groups in the end what to wear sunglasses?
- - Jiang Shuying
The sea is full of water, Jiang Shuying all legs ah! Started to pay attention to the skin white and beautiful long legs little sister from "good" from Mr. Xiao Bian, she is not only good clothing products and EQ and IQ together.
In the "3" in the less she is spending less in cautious play upright girl, also the human machine brand Amway. This pair of sunglasses is Gentle Monster (hereinafter referred to as "GM") of the new AMI ADAM, from the beginning of last year on the popularity of this can be seen in the eyes of the light colored sunglasses, the best love of this pair of light yellow, looks very gentle P1.
This is the GM Love red Punch last year, the aura and super all-match.
April 17th Beijing went to Changsha to record the program on the silver Big GM Bully.
And her gray coat is lined with dark green GM, model is Sign of S3, the shape of the cat's eye, it is suitable for asians.
GM Sign of Two S3
April 29th at the Beijing airport, this cute cute look collocation is Victoria Beckham round retro Brown reflective sunglasses.
Coulee nuozha - -
She was on the show and the other is the right cross river to open the way bestie! Sweet girl with Nang before the airport street, wearing not GM, is another Korean Guochao brand Project Product.
On the beach wearing a pink Big GM Bully.
This is the Yellow Gentle Monster, model ODD ODD, this year's new.
-- Song Zuer --
In the program, Song Zuer wore a pair of GM Black Peter Series in the blue section, very fresh and playful.
GM Black Peter
At the airport in Changsha has also worn the latest ILLUSION series of green GM.
Recently at the airport in Guangzhou, she was dressed in white lace detail T, micro La pants, with Miu Miu classic NOIR series sunglasses, capable and young girl.
Miu Miu NOIR series
-- Lai Yumeng --
Lai Yumeng wore a pair of GM Big Bully, and Jiang Jiang color.
There is a classic GM Lovesome01 Gold, GM fire for several years a pair of sunglasses,
-- Jing Bairan --
Spend less than the old driver Jing Bairan has always been a loyal fans of GM sunglasses, which is also the new GM. These two are similar to Song Zuer's GM In Scarlet series.
GM In Scarlet series black
He had this series a pale orange, one that you have a young heart!
GM In Scarlet series light orange
Zhang Wei -
From the literary male god to tease than the hand, Zhang Ruoyun character really super suck powder. The sunglasses model is SUPERNATURE C1 and Dior so like, wearing a smart and stylish, girls wear is also very good looking real.
-- Tony Yang --
This comes from the United States sports brand Oakley, casual vest and shorts collocation gradient, naked surfing Man blast.
Like the difference you will think: buy Gentle Monster will hit the money, right?! Don't worry, intimate small make up for you to prepare for the 4 cosmic class fashion niche brand, and a single product recommendation, maybe you can find your favorite that paragraph.
Vedi Vero
This is already a very fire in the Smecta fashion brand, is energy-saving beans street. Lens design is generally round but also modified face, it is suitable for Asians to wear. In the previous hit drama "W", Li Zhongshuo wearing sunglasses is the brand, small series of home love beans is the spokesman for this sunglasses, Gao Junxi.
Last year, Lee Min Ho in the drama "blue sea" has also worn a lot of its sunglasses.
VJ611/BKC (Gao Junxi)
Le Specs
Le Specs is a well-known brand in Sweden, specializes in interpretation of women's sexy charm. Inspired by Berlin's flea market, Stockholm's music and New York street culture.
Olivia Palermo, Kendall, Lady Gaga, Bella and many other European and American stars have worn Le Specs sunglasses. Its price is close to the people, the style is diverse, although is the Nordic brand, but not high cold. Sunglasses style is both interesting and lively.
Le Specs MODERNE (Bella MAFIA)
Percy Lau
Percy graduated from the University of Saint Martin, her design a powerful and unconstrained style without losing the chic, funny, bold and avant-garde design, never too observant of conventional standards.
Because of the power of the early in the airport street shot in the wearing Percy Lau polygon glasses.
Percy has a strong interest in scientific experiments and philosophical speculation. So she put the elements of Natural Science in the sunglasses, through the deconstruction of a unique sense of design.