reading glasses - Ode to joy 2 Andy Liu Tao Sunglasses what brand is it?

  • Posted on: 12 May 2017
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Ode to joy 2 Andy Liu Tao Sunglasses what brand is it?
Fendi Fendi, a famous luxury brand in Italy, was founded in 1925 in Rome. As a family of leather, the IT Bag of his family is very famous.
At present, there are China Amazon Fendi Sunglasses promotions, a price of 650 yuan, in addition to thousands of yuan of star models, prices almost equal to the sea Amoy, even foreign discount website, his sunglasses to 100 basic knife to win. The event is Amazon self, interested children's shoes may be concerned about.
Fendi Sunglasses how to distinguish between true and false?
One trick: the interface of the glasses legs and glasses frame at the interface of metal frame sunglasses cutting section is smooth, fit is very high, not rough or dislocation, but does not appear cracks, spend hundreds of millions, this can do, what is the world famous brand. It is impossible for those imitations of profits to be processed.
Trick two: there will be the brand name and batch number of the lettering metal frame sunglasses look lettering on the metal frame, all of which are precision mold milling pressure, looks exquisite and beautiful, even the projections are the same height. And imitation is basically a situation, looks more rough.
Trick three: look at the metal frame welding parts, sunglasses, metal frames welding, smooth, neat, smooth and symmetrical, handled quite carefully. General imitation products in the welding work certainly can not be compared, careful observation will see the welding structure is uneven, the solder joints appear rough.
Trick four: look at the fixed screws on the frame, sunglasses in the fixed location of the frame screws oakley shop are directly with rubber (non slingshot type), the combination of more solid, and the buckle screw is also tape. Imitation of the low degree of counterfeit glasses screws are without glue.
Trick five: look at the LOGO sunglasses on the right side of the sun lens on the top right corner of the "ISo" LOGO, and with the lens has a certain radian, not rigidly printed on the lens. In addition, there will be "RB" on the left side of the sun lens (except for one piece of eyeglass, sunglasses). If it is a plastic frame sunglasses, will be on both sides of the mirror legs printed on the white or black logo, and there are processing plant code and origin identification, if MADE, IN, XXX words. Counterfeit sunglasses are generally not so elaborate, and these are standard signs that are too cumbersome for counterfeiters, so this is a very important criterion.
Ode to joy 2 TV series
For a variety of "everyone may have the urban disease", face it and accept it, this is the "Ode to joy 2" five beauty cure in their own way, and for the public, the cure of a medicine own watch Zhejiang TV's "Ode to joy" is the 2 in the hectic life.
"Ode to joy" Virgo team "2" by the midday sun to create natural, quality drama production is assured, the whole cast collective regression, story and plot conflict escalated once again, also let the "Ode to joy" has attracted much attention 2. As has been the Zhejiang TV drama output good quality China blue theater, called "Virgo platform" the most appropriate, broadcast by Zhejiang satellite TV's "Ode to joy" is bound to 2 will once again lead the people to the hot discussion, the real problem because the play covers and various social topics, will lead to public sympathy.
The concept of Zhejiang TV in the second quarter hit "heart cure season", China blue theatre through "Ode to joy" 2 "has a variety of refined characters of the urban disease", whether it is Andy's "iceberg control" or small total "narcissistic", or as Fan Shengmei's "real woman", and the other characters have all kinds of urban disease, more or less is the epitome of modern people. Zhejiang satellite TV takes the humanistic care of the platform, aiming to achieve "heartbeat cure" in the process of audience chasing drama".