women ray ban - You and the star only have a pair of sunglasses, take advantage of this summer to start quickly

  • Posted on: 15 May 2017
  • By: admin

You and the star only have a pair of sunglasses, take advantage of this summer to start quickly
As for all ages, I have you "wardrobe must-have, sunglasses is a street shooting star of love, regardless of seasons, I never give up any chance when wearing sunglasses, makeup, it need to take the clothes I don't need it, even on the plane to nap also need it. In addition to the concave shape, of course, also for skin care, and then more expensive eye cream is not as good as a pair of sunglasses ah!
So what kind of sunglasses do you want? It is better to refer to the choice of the nearest stars. After all, they are all walking sunglasses and grass growing machines".
Yang Mi
If the face of their relatively confused, do not know what kind of shape for the eyes, like the power of power, women ray ban this oval is relatively safe, suitable for all people, less mistakes.
Fan Bingbing
Want to point up the creativity of the lens, you can choose the same color as Fan Bingbing, color matching lenses for the last two years is very popular, young and highlight the tide fan, giving people a sense of liveliness.
Victoria Song
Walk a little cool straightforward fan, buy square mirror sharp lines, a darker color, more cool.
Di Ali Gerba
More and more fashionable rerba also began to take the goods, quality is more and more recognized by people, the surrounding with metal nail Louis Vuitton very thing, relatively thin summer clothes monotonous, you may wish to a decorative sunglasses to adorn the whole.
Guli Nazha
Nuozha is grass color, except yellow, pink is a hot color, full of sense of the girl.
Maggie Jiang
Colored Sunglasses began to show up last year, and this year the momentum has started to bite, especially the yellow tea that will make you stand out from the black sunglasses.