oakleys - Too many colors, dazzling? Law teaches you to choose Sunglasses

  • Posted on: 17 May 2017
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Too many colors, dazzling? Law teaches you to choose Sunglasses
[global network Roundup]] the scorching summer is coming, in order to withstand the glare of the sun, sunglasses become our trip must be a single product. The face of the market, a superb collection of beautiful things sunglasses, you often encounter Tiaohua Yan's troubles? French fashion magazine "ELLE" for you answer questions, help you choose the right color for their sunglasses.
Before choosing the color of the sunglasses, we should first understand the relationship between the color of the lenses and the ability to resist ultraviolet radiation. The deeper the color of the sunglasses, the better the UV resistance This is one of the pitfalls we often fall into when choosing sunglasses. In fact, the ability to resist ultraviolet light has nothing to do with the color of the lens. It is only concerned with the material of the lens and the method of processing. On this basis, some color lenses can make the human eye more comfortable, and some colors are purely decorative effects. Therefore, in choosing Sunglasses color, we need to grasp 2 basic questions: one is suitable for their eyes, and two is simply the pursuit of decorative effect.
First of all, if we choose the lens color according to the individual eye, we can have the following choices:
Gray lenses are suitable for patients with hyperopia. The gray lens can effectively reduce the light intensity, and oakleys can make the natural scenery and the color of the lens fuse with each other naturally, and the color of the object is reduced more.
The tinted lenses fit for nearsighted people. The tinted lenses have anti glare capabilities and can effectively improve visual contrast.
Yellow lenses are suitable for people who drive at night or want to see things in nature in less light. The yellow lens improves the contrast of the shape and color of the material and provides a clearer view.
Green lenses are suitable for people who wear contact lenses and patients with hyperopia. Green lenses can maintain visual contrast, and can also make natural things retain their original color, and can effectively prevent visual fatigue.
Secondly, if according to the fashion trend and personal style choice has a decorative sunglasses, we can choose other colors more bright and dazzling lenses, such as pink or blue sunglasses.
Pink lenses are cool for people at ordinary times. Because pink is a symbol of happiness, no matter what kind of clothes you wear, you can make it bright with pink lenses.
Blue lenses fit for avant garde. Because blue can give people a sense of the future, wearing a pair of Blue Sunglasses with a pair of immediately bold and personality.
Finally, to remind you that, in choosing the color of sunglasses lenses, you can consult the professional eye doctor's advice, so as to avoid unnecessary loss and injury.