oakley minute 1.0 ANARK sunglasses you never know

  • Posted on: 18 May 2017
  • By: admin

ANARK sunglasses you never know
Sunglasses are not only used to protect the eyes in the summer, but also necessary as a concave in products, more and more people have been used for daily life. In recent years, the tide mirror Kingdom, various brands of stage, and among them, there are always some essential talent shows itself become a star trendsetter, single product. Today is to say that such a brand, as soon as the small series to understand it!
ANARK is a brand new trend of glasses. It is a combination of diverse artistic elements, exquisite workmanship, which has brought extraordinary things to it.
It expresses the brand core value -FREE, which is conveyed by ANARCHIST, and takes the butterfly as the design element to reflect the theme of its free culture.
In product development and design, ANARK has worked with many artists and world-renowned brands to achieve ANARK style with unique charm!
Among them, the fusion of the Swedish artist PERSSON.H and the dance legend Nam Hyun Joon founded PAC art inspiration, and and from the Swedish design team PANAGORA, Italy famous designer, artist STEFANO RUSSO
Cooperative product design, has been the world's top producer EDM AVICCI (Ai Weiqi) and the Swedish brand ACNE STUDIO designer and SNEAKERS&STUFF (a well-known Swedish sports shoes shops) diversified strategic cooperation and other European mainstream brands, and launched a joint design of ESTEEM.
With cross-border cooperation each brand to make ANARK out of the ordinary, and the star MODEL blessing is essential! You see how ANARK Sunglasses star trendsetter deduction ~ ~
ANARK also sponsors many events, such as ADIDAS, Busan events, 2016 Seoul fashion week, and so on. With the rise of the brand, ANARK fashion layout is more and more big, now in Paris, London, Milan, New York, Sydney, Seoul, Tokyo, Hongkong, Bangkok set up branches, ANARK this year officially came to China, Xiaobian will be many young people's pursuit of tide!
Next, I'd like to introduce in particular the public collaboration between ANARK and FC SMILE. As a oakley minute 1.0 new tide of glasses brand, ANARK can have such feelings, is very worthy of study and appreciation.
Public collaboration between ANARK and FC SMILE
This time, ANARK and FC SMILE have set up a special fund to help children with physical disabilities realize their dreams. ANARK has specially designed dolls and products to cooperate with FC SMILE. All of ANARK's OFFICIAL EDITION revenues will be spent on surgical expenses for children with physically deformed children worldwide.
FC SMILEFC SMILE is co sponsored by the JS foundation and the international smile action organization. A public service football team that helps children with facial or physical disabilities. Members include Jackie Chan, Park Ji-Sung, Li Dongguo, Li Huicai, Kim Jun Su, Song Joong Ki and other stars, athletes and the general public, such as 20 members together.
See this charming ANARK sunglasses, whether you have been riding package what brand of good Annaibuzhu heart Freedom heart? Xiaobian tell you quietly, ANARK Sunglasses brand has settled Tmall flagship store in China! And immediately opened the line store experience! Love fashion love you free, want to have it no more it is difficult to!