About the so-called "manufacturers directly take goods", "parallel imports", "rat goods."

  • Posted on: 21 May 2017
  • By: admin

This problem has been a lot of trouble, and friends have reiterated many times today to make a system answer
Ray-Ban is not "getting goods manufacturers directly" smuggled goods "goods" mouse "this concept with these gimmicks are fake trickster
The reason is because Ray-Ban in the Chinese market classified imported goods while Replica Ray Bans enjoy tax breaks but each Ray-Ban is to pay the value-added tax so Ray-Ban glasses factory sent to each dealer needs to pay in the customs declaration to flow to the dealer hand is Ray-Ban shipping channels only through luxotticaentered order or by luxotticaentered authorized dealers to buy two "not getting goods manufacturers directly" this concept
13 bit authentication code
This is only the flagship store will have 13 official website verification code, has been a relatively contradictory user balance node
There will be a market competition in the flagship store price is not dominant in the case of nature should have in addition to be able to convince customers the showmanship means "so" website 13 verification code turned out this one does not have a semicolon
And most of the online genuine merchants are only counter supplies, only the factory barcode, so the official website 13 verification code, only flagship store, there are other channels of purchase are not
Others can only say that this is the official website, genuine verification system is incomplete, hopes to gradually improve the official website verification system
The friction between Ray-Ban frames and lenses produces sound
3025 enter batch production mode after large supply to meet market demand at the same time glasses process also had to make corresponding concessions in mass production and the perfect combination of the frame and lenses cannot account for this situation in the Ray-Ban situation and the lens is injected between the very small amounts of special glass glue to make up the gap in the process of logistics and extrusion and shock this will cause the glass gum cracking happened to your glasses case although glasses does not affect the quality and service life but still makes the user feel uncomfortable this is not a defect defect is 3025 common coordination about general business will agree to replace the
Why is there a bar code to identify Ray-Ban glasses, especially optical frames?
The bar code is indeed luxotticaentered formal channels when discharging as glasses and the use of official verification encoding not what but now genuine official verification system is not complete 13 verification code only official flagship store is now the most authentic business channel glasses are not the official website to verify the code itself due to the high imitation fake glasses work light with more and more difficult to identify the picture so single from glasses especially optical glasses did not reach the purpose of accurate identification of whether they have played bar code and bar code font format became the only standard of identification
Orange personal proposal to buy Ray-Ban sunglasses, please make sure whether there is bar code, if not, please be careful!
Is it true that the identification and advice in the post bar is authoritative?
The identification and recommendations in the post bar are not authoritative!
Where can I buy the right to decide what to buy in your hand, we are not forcing you to accept our proposal for the problems of our glasses is also based on your condition with their own experiences give advice as to whether we are business contact Ray-Ban if not for a long time and large batch to Ray-Ban know we dare not identified as a business put aside personal interests aside I believe our proposal than most Ray-Ban users to be more pertinent because we have a better understanding of the market but also a better understanding of the company's policy to the friends of pertinent suggestions under the premise of our businesses to provide more reasonable resources as I feel very good
Oranges suggest that friends buy Ray-Ban products, retain some subjective awareness, do not blindly trust a platform or someone, consulting good after-sales conditions