Cottage "big name" ray ban sunglasses were intercepted (Figure)

  • Posted on: 23 May 2017
  • By: admin

With the arrival of summer, mad pull cool Sunglasses become necessary to go out of Xiamen, Quanzhou customs under the customs officers will encounter a pair of Ray-Ban Sunglasses carrying 610 inbound tourists, but the surprise is that these big glasses are copycat goods.
May 9th, 20 am, a male passenger aboard MF818 flight, flew from Manila Quanzhou Jinjiang International Airport. Customs officers found the routine inspection, the passengers carrying luggage bag containing a large black and white cardboard boxes neatly arranged with bright colors of all kinds of sunglasses, the inventory of a total of 610 pairs, are the "Ray-Ban" brand (Ray-Ban). After receiving the relevant provisions of the customs intellectual property protection, the passenger voluntarily acknowledges that the sunglasses are infringing products. At present, the sunglasses have been withheld by the customs according to law, pending further investigation.
A prolonged sunny day and rising temperatures have led to the economy of the sunglasses. Since the beginning of summer, people go out not only cannot do without the sun glasses, sunglasses, export volume I go days high, some copycat glasses under false pretenses. Recently, more than 25 thousand violations of a brand of sunglasses was intercepted by Customs at the exit, the total value of about 142 thousand yuan.
These sunglasses were declared by a company in Ningbo and exported to Nigeria. Ningbo customs inspection officers found to examine the goods, the goods packaging messy, has certain false suspicion. Checking out of the box further and seeing the prominent position of the sunglasses, printed with "Roy.Bon" graphic trademark, and very similar to the well-known trademark "Ray.Ban", at first glance, it is easy to cause confusion. After confirmation by the obligee, these 25 thousand pairs of sunglasses are all infringing goods.
Customs remind consumers, infringing sunglasses work very rough, poor material, in the sun without any protection of the sun effect. Long-term wear, not only can not protect the eyes, and even damage to the eyes. Consumers must be vigilant in the purchase of sun glasses, can be screened from the price, security and other aspects, avoid buying fake and shoddy products, and pay attention to retain invoices, found problems in a timely manner to the business sector complaints.