Domestic fake brand-name come back to become "genuine""

  • Posted on: 24 May 2017
  • By: admin

In the domestic production of fake brand-name, to foreign tourism, a trip may be transformed into advertised "genuine", and then be bought back, you think the origin of "genuine" may not be the case at all.
The counterfeit goods were divided into more than 2000 parcels to the United States
The day before, Nanjing Customs released a fake brand "OAKLEY" glasses case, suspects using parcel batches to counterfeit goods sent to the United States, a total of 2580 parcels, including the famous "OAKLEY" brand trademark infringement of the 6302 pairs of glasses. This case is a case involving the largest number of infringing articles seized by the national customs individual case in the joint enforcement action of intellectual property rights between China and the United states.
The first half of last year, a number of parcels from Nanjing customs under the customs officers at the post office Jinling International Parcel inspection site officers' attention: a surname Wang Yancheng post a lot of succession from the sender by outbound parcels, parcel form packaging is similar to that of the X optical imaging is the same as that of the reporting name is "glasses", and to are sent to the United states.
In the post office in Jinling customs inspection officers found in the box, although the items marked with "OAKLEY" brand, but these sunglasses package is poor, poor materials, trademark printing rough, "brand positioning and the brand of glasses is extremely inconsistent."
After the inventory, the sender sent a total of 2580 of the total outbound parcels, including alleged violations of "Fake oakley sunglasses" trademark glasses 6302 pairs, worth about 1 million 260 thousand. The Dalian customs also seized a large number of counterfeit brand-name lipstick to be shipped to Japan, these fakes even make-up box of the type code information is the same as genuine.
Why do you have to bother sending these fake brands abroad? Insiders said, there are some people had to fake cosmetics sent abroad, "across the sea" as genuine mail or go shopping channels into the country to "bleaching" and gives the buyer delivery illusion of origin. So don't blindly believe the so-called direct mail, purchasing propaganda.
Don't send a fake brand to a foreign relative
Jinling Customs said, now in the postal channels, counterfeit goods in infringement on parcels increase risk assessment efforts, now has examined on 100% outbound parcels, will have to mail the sender infringing goods included in the scope of key management, for the same type of disposable goods mailed a large number of cases, increase the field officers opened for inspection efforts, from the source to combat post infringing goods exit behavior.
Even if you are sending something to your relatives, be careful not to express any infringing articles. Because it will face penalties, the loss outweighs the gain.