[explosion section] Ray-Ban does not have its tide! America's most popular children sunglasses BABIATORS, Trump granddaughter are wearing! And thinkbaby sunscreen!

  • Posted on: 1 June 2017
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[mom and dad camp says]
Summer is here!
Put on your sunglasses and suntan lotion
Take the children happy trip!
Even more sinister summer sun
I can't stop the heart that wants to go out!
Summer is coming, in the face of the scorching sun, a lot of parents will take their children to go out and feel the beautiful summer.
At this time, wearing sunglasses and sunscreen, has become necessary to travel.
Today, my parents recommend BABIATORS children's Pilot Sunglasses and thinkbaby baby sunscreen.
BABIATORS children's pilot sunglasses are not only fashionable in shape, suitable for any face shape, but also can withstand 100% UV, UV reach 400, but also breaking constantly.
Thinkbaby baby sunscreen, SPF50+ safety, physical sunscreen, waterproof, anti sweat for 80 minutes.
More familiar with these two brands of parents, if impatient, you can buy through the "transmission door" direct purchase:
You can continue to look down, we will give you a detailed introduction.
BABIATORS children's Pilot Sunglasses
(3 optional)
In the summer, our eyes need extra protection. Because of excessive UV radiation, it can damage the cornea, retina and eye lens and cause irreversible damage.
Talking about the most popular sunglasses, you have to mention super - Smart pilots sunglasses.
The sunglasses were originally used by pilots. When Tom Curise in the movie "top gun", wearing Aviator Sunglasses captured the hearts of one person.
Since then, aviator sunglasses have been popular all over the world, becoming a must-have for fashion wear!
Ray-Ban (Ray-Ban) has been a classic Pilot Sunglasses, its children's sunglasses are also popular around the world, but the official price is basically more than 400 yuan.
But now, it's OUT!
There is a sunglasses brand, compared to the higher popularity, shape more tide, cost-effective better (this flash purchase styles are less than 400 yuan), that is BABIATORS (flight baby).
BABIATORS is a company specializing in the development of sunglasses for children in the United States. It is hoped that every child will wear flashy sunglasses, like a pilot, COOL!
Now, many star babies are wearing BABIATORS sunglasses! Such as:
The twins of the famous singer Mariah Carey's family
The famous Kardashian family, Courtney's Mason
"Sex and the city" daughter Sarah Jessica Parker's daughter
Granddaughter of President Trump of the United States
Big s daughter small Yue children
In addition, in the American drama "Mom and dad's romance", we also see children wearing BABIATORS.
In the United States, Amazon also has a particularly good reputation.
Why are flying babies so popular?
1) summer modelling artifact, one second into a tide baby
BABIATORS sunglasses can hold live kids all face, is very all-match, fashion!
In addition to star children, on the ins, many parents also like Po children wearing BABIATORS photos, because the child has become more stylish and cute!
2) exquisite workmanship and exquisite design
Parents receive physical (camp polarizer 0-2 years), invited colleagues home 2 year old girl (head circumference of about 49cm) were tried, the children become more and more lovely tide moment!
Let's see below:
The outer packing of each pair of sunglasses is small and exquisite, and the thickened cardboard does not need to worry about the accident caused by the violent express, and the gift is also very decent. The following is a comparison of physical and iPhone6s:
After opening, we can see a glasses case besides sunglasses. This is not easy to scrape lenses, easy to accommodate.
The size of the glasses case is very small, so it is easy to put in the bag, and the hook can hang it on the bag and the handle of the cart, so it is very convenient to use.
Lenses using PC space lenses, durable, yellow, compared to ordinary resin lens light 37%, impact resistance is 12 times the ordinary resin tablets!
Glasses mom and dad are all understand, are worried about pushing glasses to be broken baby ~ ~, and BABIATORS frames using epoxy resin, not only wear very comfortable, and good toughness, good elasticity!
No matter how crooked the child is, it won't break or change!
In addition, when the child picks glasses, the length of the mirror leg is often a worry. Because the legs are too short, they can not wear glasses; the mirror legs are too long, and when the children move, the glasses will fall off.
The length of BABIATORS mirror legs is moderate. As long as the parents choose the correct size according to the actual situation of the children, there is no such problem at all.
Excellent material, so that BABIATORS sunglasses even high frequency use, life expectancy is 3~5 years!
3) professional isolation uv! Safety, through various professional testing!
Many children's sunglasses on the market can only reduce the brightness, can not stop ultraviolet light.
And BABIATORS mirror is UV400, in kind, we can see the "100% UV" related logo. Because the band of ultraviolet light is between 200-400, so BABIATORS can block 100% of the ultraviolet light while blocking the strong light!
This is an excerpt from the QB 2457-1999 (national standard for Chinese glasses) and GB10810.3-2006 (glasses, lenses and related eyewear products + Transmittance specifications and measurements):
The following is the flash purchase is mainly 3 styles, namely Plano sunglasses, sunglasses and ACES sunglasses:
First: BABIATORS Original flat Sunglasses (4 colors optional)
Suitable for age: 0-2 years old, 3-5 years old +
There are 4 colors to choose from:
1) rock black
2) cool white
3) superstar peach
4) sky blue
Suitable for age: 0-2 years old, 3-5 years old +
Original price: 199 yuan / Deputy
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