Dcape.com "WOW! Select * Ray-Ban Ray-Ban street Qiangjing

  • Posted on: 3 June 2017
  • By: admin

Take Ray-Ban, take the spotlight street. In early March 29th 10:00, dcape.com "WOW! Select * Ray-Ban Ray-Ban officially opened grab, Ray-Ban hiker was sold at 699 yuan, only today. Popular entertainment fashion items, trendsetter street.
Ray-Ban English called Ray-Ban, Ray for glare, Ban that block, stop dazzling glare is the essence of sunglasses. Ray-Ban sunglasses, and Harley Davidson motorcycle, ZIPPO lighter as a symbol of American culture.
In 2016, dcape.com needs around the consumer to upgrade the quality of rapid response, for the new middle class will be a "surprise" throughout, to enhance the product quality and service quality, and the electricity supplier development scene, internationalization, personalization and socialization of the "new four modernizations" trend, played a "combined" successively: the signing of chief officer Jay Chou and surprise brand spokesperson Kunling, to upgrade the current hot IP Couple economy as the economic pull of CPIP, open new life users "fashion and beauty"; and then force the PGC fine content, "the only product line" to help users take the United States and the United States, the outfit, let the fashion is to look to buy. At the same time, dcape.com organization star, fashion man live, and the real user "play up", but also to personality fashion more "close" users.
The future, dcape.com will always adhere to the "select sale" principle, continue in fashion, sea Amoy, maternal and child and other aspects of the surprise that consumers demand, build reputation by quality, to playfully brand, stay adorable price "for consumers to customize the unique national and global quality products, become the entrance way of quality life of consumers.