World champion Lin Dan brings sports sunglasses, Oakley cool cool sports wind

  • Posted on: 6 June 2017
  • By: admin

This summer, the sports craze swept through the fashion world, and once again the "cool, cool and cool" movement became the focus of attention. Sports equipment has never been out of sight, the sports brand in the fashion items generally received extensive attention of consumers, light comfortable sports apparel collocation a pair of both functional and fashion movement style sunglasses, not only for the summer to add cool, is a new sports trendsetter street weapon. The global leading brand sports glasses Oakley and Taiwan glasses chain brand, inviting China moistest top sports Pioneer - Lin Dan, CO sponsored the "cool wind movement" of your promotion activities for the new millennium generation promotion cool type sports lifestyle, sports bring functionality, fashion appearance design in a sport style sunglasses and optical glasses products for a wide range of consumers, the promotion of "Sports Sunglasses" which is a leading domestic glasses product concept.
As the "cool sports wind" to promote the first stop, in July 5th, Oakley invited brand spokesperson Lin Dan in Hangzhou, West Lake intime scene, and fans intimate interaction, share his fashion, wear tips. Lin Dan to the scene caused countless cheering fans, there are 2 special small fans sit ten hours drive from Jiangsu Huaian rushed to the scene, special offer ready bouquet, Lin Dan also moved back to embrace and personally selected two casual sunglasses for them. In addition, there are 5 former fans involved in WeChat activities are also at the scene, Lin Dan according to their different wear, choose, and match different styles of glasses. Put on 2017 Replica Oakley Sunglasses Uk and become confident and stylish in one second!
Talking about the cool wind movement understanding, Lin Dan think, to make themselves look very healthy to do sports, Neiwaijianxiu combined to maintain a healthy lifestyle, exercise, get healthy; choose their own simple dress collocation good ornament accessories in place, such as a pair of glasses for his outstanding personal qualities.
Lin Dan is wearing the vitality of the event series - Crosslink. For professional athletes or sports people, the importance of staying alive is self-evident. Similarly, in life, Lin Dan needs to face changes in work or social situations, reminding herself to stay active and dynamic. The Oakley vitality series is an excellent choice to adapt to the "seamless life" of the moment. Crosslink is a very revolutionary optical glasses. The optional feature of the mirror leg ensures easy handling both at work, at the gym, and in any recreational situation. As a professional athlete, it is not easy to find a pair of optical glasses that can accommodate both sports training occasions, formal places, and everyday wear. Crosslink has a leg Xpress function, also have the collocation of variability, help people at any time to play their own energy, and actively respond to the more compact schedule, high speed effectively complete the life scenes of the switch at any time. A pair of glasses can be the necessities of life, the most important accessories, and can also be the necessary single product with all the functional attributes, and can easily deal with various occasions.
When it comes to plans to cooperate with Oakley, Lin Dan mentioned that this year will launch another Lin Dan customized glasses in 8-9 months: Oakley classic Frogskins. Design elements to camouflage patterns reflect the identity of Lin Dan soldiers, mirror legs are engraved with Lin Dan's exclusive signature and five-star tattoo. In addition, Lin Dan will expect to go to the Oakley headquarters in the United States to conduct face-to-face communication with designers to prepare for the 2016 Brazil Rio De Janeiro special customized R & D cooperation.