Ray-Ban Sunglasses: Driver myopia Sunglasses

  • Posted on: 7 June 2017
  • By: admin

Today we talk about and sunglasses. I believe everyone will feel the summer wearing sunglasses drove very handsome, he would like to wear a pair, but not everyone can take, assuming 500 degrees of myopia glasses, eyes blurred, how to drive? "I believe that many owners will have the same confusion, not fish and bear's paw actually, I believe? After seeing the blog many owners don't struggle, wearing sunglasses, is able to block the dazzling sunshine, cool and beautiful.
There are probably four different ways for drivers to choose from:
Now the glasses family more and more, the car has become an indispensable tool, and do not want to leave the sunglasses, glasses in a shop on this issue to ask the professionals, actually want to wear sunglasses to drive the driver of myopia is not difficult, generally there are four kinds of methods to choose:
1: first, buy a pair of sunglasses clip, clip on the glasses frame of myopia glasses, cover the sunglasses when use, lift up when not in use, simple, convenient and practical. Though simple, this method is popular in previous years and is rarely used nowadays.
2: is equipped with a pair of sunglasses sets of mirrors, this set of mirror is also more convenient to use, directly placed outside the glasses can be short-sighted.
3: three is custom-made a pair of myopia sunglasses. In appearance, sunglasses and ordinary Sunglasses not what difference, but it is the lens with a degree of myopia, can meet the demand, the "degree should not be Sunglasses too deep, generally do not exceed 500 degrees, otherwise the effect is not very good, so this kind of high myopia with sunglasses should be cautious".
4: four first wear contact lenses, and then put on sunglasses. This method is relatively complex, never use contact lenses for drivers, to learn to wear contact lenses, may have to pick a good time for daily care and contact lenses, is very important, many people will find trouble. Need to be reminded that wearing contact lenses drivers, that can carry or prepare a pair of glasses in the car on the road, half million two pieces of small things out, not helpless, can't do anything.
Gray, dark green, Dark Brown Sunglasses suitable for car by visiting the glasses shop, found all kinds of color sunglasses, red orange yellow green blue purple, almost every colour, style type are many, the price range is big, cheap less than 100 yuan (a), expensive to thousands of yuan. Car owners prefer gray, dark green tinted lenses, sunglasses, and now sells more green sunglasses, see the light bulb after wearing feeling is not dazzling, toward the outside to see there is a "cool" feeling, specific to the style, lens material etc. it is difficult to say.
Insiders suggested that the driver friends buy Sunglasses in the logic of thinking should be taken into account when the size and weight, because if the car in summer without air conditioning, long time wearing sunglasses, glasses nose to sweat, easy to slide, oversized sunglasses is not strong, will affect the driving; heavy sunglasses to wear for a long time. It might allow the wearer to facial paralysis and even pain, scattered driver attention.
Attention should be paid to driving Cheap Fake Ray Bans
The tunnel before driving off the sunglasses wearing sunglasses color should not be too deep, otherwise it may affect the driver's line of sight and judgment: some sunglasses on a very strong light shielding ability, the driver wearing will feel uncomfortable, such as electronic screen, signal lamp lighter color, if coupled with the car color film and deep, is very easy to see the car around, increasing the driving risk. Wearing sunglasses on the road in the summer, you need to pay special attention to the tunnel. Many drivers have this experience: in the sunlight, suddenly into the tunnel, the eye will be an instant can not see the object in front. This is because the eyes can't adapt to the sharp contrast of light caused by visual dull, if still wearing sunglasses, may exacerbate this phenomenon, so the driver should be prepared in advance in the tunnel before, reduce the speed, turn on the lights, sunglasses.
In addition, sunglasses frames, mirror legs are often relatively large, easy to produce visual blind spot on both sides, it is recommended drivers driving in crowded sections (especially when you need to turn, change lanes), it is best not to wear sunglasses.
Interview with Yang Lan comments: to cool the myopia drivers, can choose a method according to the specific circumstances of his own sense of self contact lenses with a little trouble, but the habit of wearing contact the owner can choose fourth kinds of methods. The third method is also a good method, the drawback is that you have to match a pair of glasses, and the high degree of words have to be carefully chosen. No matter which way to choose, for yourself, safety is the first consideration.