How to better protect the eyes

  • Posted on: 2 September 2016
  • By: admin

For the bicycle hand, the eye not only let us identify the direction of the road, but also let us enjoy the beautiful scenery along the way. However, the eye is one of the most soft and easily injured organs in our body. We usually ride out, the eyes are inevitably exposed to light or sand and other environments. So it is necessary to know how to protect the eyes outdoors.
Ready to block the strong UV light and the preparation of strong light exposure. During the day for outdoor activities, as a result of strong light exposure, the eyes will not be comfortable. If this does not add to the long-term protection of the eye in the light, it is easy to cause eye diseases such as cataract. And the barrier of UV light and the best is to wear sunglasses. This will allow you to reduce the burden of light to the eye, riding is also more safe and smooth.
Select suitable sunglasses. Before that the best way to block UV is to wear sunglasses. So, what are the sunglasses that are suitable for use in outdoor sports riding it? Riding process, we had better to wear sports sunglasses, casual sunglasses in general design, will not take into account the violent movement when the mirror will not be easy to shift this point. And the general market, although ordinary sunglasses can cut off light, but also reduces the surrounding light, which will affect the clarity of the eye to see things, to ride to bring trouble. And if the use of some of the polarizing effect of outdoor sports sunglasses can be a good solution to this problem.
There is the wind and sand days of riding, riding in the high, the face of the wind for the naked eye is exposed to the naked eye is a kind of injury. What's more, if the wind mixed with sand particles, causes damage to the eyes can be said to be great. Therefore, should be prepared to fit their own faces of the wind proof glasses, when the wind weather, the change of wind and glasses to prevent the eyes become red, dry.