Ray ban wayfarer sunglasses - Children wearing sunglasses protection or injury

  • Posted on: 3 March 2017
  • By: admin
Children sunglasses

With the arrival of summer, sunglasses began to board the stage". The increasingly strong sun so many parents began to care about their children out of the sun thing. Some parents have given their children to wear sunglasses, both sun and cool, and some parents believe that the sun is an adult sunscreen appliances, children wear a hat like a sun. So in the hot sun, the child in the end can bring sunglasses? What kind of sunglasses do you want?
The sun is fierce, it is recommended to wear sunglasses

Since the Ray ban wayfarer sunglasses are considered in order to imitate adults "cool". But in terms of sunscreen, the child in the end do not need sunglasses to protect it? Zhou Shaobo, director of Ophthalmology at the First Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou Medical University, said that for children and young people, it is recommended to use their own sunglasses in the fierce sun to protect against UV damage to the eyes.
"Summer strong ultraviolet rays, and exposure to ultraviolet light for a long time, even adults can easily cause damage to the eyes, not to mention the child." Zhou Shaobo introduction, UV damage to the eyes are divided into acute injury and chronic injury. When the eyes of long-term exposure in the sun, it will damage of ultraviolet radiation on the eyes slowly accumulated, causing chronic injury. Moreover, the cornea and lens are more transparent than adults, so they are more likely to be invaded and damaged by harmful light. If you do not pay attention to protection, may damage the child's cornea, lens, while causing burns to the macular region of the retina, suffering from cataracts and other eye diseases. Therefore, in the strong sunlight, the child needs a long time outdoor activities, it is best to wear sunglasses. Children with eye disease should consult a professional doctor to decide whether or not to wear sunglasses.
Zhou Shaobo stressed that although the child wearing sunglasses is very cool, but it is not recommended to wear too long. Because of the young children's vision in the development stage, the appropriate light entering the eye can stimulate the eye nerve development, so only recommended in sunny outdoor wear sunglasses, but not more than 4 hours of continuous time. Best not to wear sunglasses indoors.
Poor Sunglasses undesirable
Give the child to buy Sunglasses, try not to choose the street "three products". Although these children's Sunglasses may be very beautiful style, but experts stressed that children wearing sunglasses should focus on its functionality, rather than aesthetics.
Poor quality sunglasses are mostly plastic lenses, neither sun, but also cause damage to the eyes.
"Although the sun glasses are mostly flat mirror, but inferior sunglasses made rough, there is often the problem of refraction, lens thickness exceed the standard, the color is not uniform, poor optical properties etc.. Wear a long time easily lead to blurred vision, headache, dizziness, vertigo, fatigue, serious will also affect the eyesight etc.." Zhou Shaobo stressed that the inferior anti UV Sunglasses function poor color lenses but will wear for mydriasis, this isn't blocked UV is easier to damage the eyes, and even more harmful than when not wearing sunglasses.
Recommended to buy Sunglasses when you can pay attention to whether the product label anti UV, UV400 and other signs. In addition, the choice of sunglasses for children is not the darker the better. Lenses of different colors have different functions, generally better in gray, green and brown, the best color is not deep and shallow.
How to give children
Pick Sunglasses
1, it is recommended to the regular optical shop, choose qualified sunglasses. General can pass the product label, such as "UV400" logos, itself suffering from eye diseases of children should consult a doctor if it is suitable to wear sunglasses, glasses and then according to their own situation.
2, give the child choose Sunglasses color not too deep, as far as possible to choose a frame sunglasses. The frame size as much as possible for the child's face, as close to the eye sunglasses can better the range of ultraviolet rays entering barrier. The frame should not be too heavy or too wide, otherwise easy to fall. It is recommended to tie the rope at the end of the sunglasses to prevent falling.
3, the lens can not use the glass material, the child is lively and prone to collision and other issues, the impact of the glass lens is low, security is not high. When buying, you can observe things in the distance through the sunglasses lenses, and at the same time rotate slightly to observe whether there is any distortion or distortion. If there is, indicating that the lens deformation, not to buy. Sunglasses can also be placed on the light to see if there are bubbles, scratches and other issues.
4, children with myopia can choose to match the myopia mirror. This kind of glasses in the light is not strong when it is an ordinary myopia glasses, to the outdoor sun when intense, lens color will deepen. This does not affect the myopia patients, but also to prevent the glare of eye injury.