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In view of the fact that many students want or need to buy Ray-Ban sunglasses, and a lot of students in the field do not quite understand, but the Internet has a variety of claims, I simply answer some questions, and give a little bit of advice, make a system summary, for everyone to buy Replica Ray Bans. What is wrong, wrong place also please correct me!
Ray Ban Sunglasses UK Outlet Doubt:

Q: do you have to buy Fake Ray Bans Sunglasses?

A: as far as I know, especially in the United States to children's shoes, it is best to have a pair.

Q: is it possible to buy Ray-Ban sunglasses?

A: No, as NICK (black silk burst the interviewer) said, as long as it is a thin mirror legs sunglasses can be, thick legs and then cover a headset on the sunglasses will be very painful.

Q: why do people buy Ray-Ban sunglasses? Wholesale Ray Ban Sunglasses Usa

A: I don't know going back to that which dynasty the sunglasses is very popular in the aviation industry, Ray-Ban is the United States Air Force early production of sunglasses, has now evolved into AVIATOR, all walks of life are worn, herd mentality leads to a pair of hand boats who.

Wholesale Ray Bans China Introduction and suggestions:

Cheap Ray Bans specific search on Baidu can be introduced, the following personal understanding.

1, we usually choose the series of 3025, is the classic pilot style, the 3025 is also divided into a variety of ordinary, functional, polarized...... The lens frame, there are many styles such as color, washability, radish leaves, to buy their own love on the line.

The L0205 on this picture is one of the 3025 series

2, Ray-Ban sunglasses is not a luxury, we can go to Wholesale Ray Bans official website of the United States to check the price will know https://www.ray-ban.com/usa. The sunglasses are very expensive to sell in the country, basically more than a thousand dollars, in essence, are subject to customs, so want to save money, does not recommend the purchase of Ray-Ban in the country, especially to the United States to learn to fly. If you go to France, you can consider buying at home, after a little cheaper than domestic.

3, Ray-Ban no stores in the country, there is no flagship store, the only official flagship store is on Taobao https://rayban.tmall.com. The safe channel is purchased from authorized stores, for example, LensCrafters, Taiwan glasses, glasses and so on, bright, Wu Liangcai chang...... Or that the size of the larger optical shops basically have to sell, but each style is not much, including Taobao flagship store style is also very little.

4, the price of the license store is also a big difference, the price of Nanjing is generally more expensive than Shanghai (more expensive than France), but do not buy when the price of the silly to buy Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses Canada! It's better to go to france. You just have to open your mouth!! I walked down from Xinjiekou, usually playing 25% off, a little cut is the price of the bargain of 32% off......

Or in this pair of sunglasses in Xinjiekou as an example, the price is about 1350RMB, the discount end only 930RMB, but also cheaper than the official flagship store, so go to the regular store to buy, discount is cheaper than in Europe (it is said that there is 135 euro, equivalent to RMB more than 1 thousand and 200 with 135, the United States is more than and 860 RMB with a knife () some styles only sell $99) if you are sure that you can store in Europe and the salesperson that ignores this successful bargain...... In the United States do not bargain cheaper than 930!!!!) This pair of sunglasses, personally think that the domestic market 880RMB is more appropriate, not specific explanation, if people don't sell you don't have to go all out.

5, Ray-Ban China's official website https://china.ray-ban.com. In fact, above what useful information are not, so don't look, it is only to verify the authenticity of Ray Bans Online store can verify their selling, also said he is selling his own experience, make an unnecessary move fart pants off. In the market to buy the store is not verified, of course, not a foreign country, so we do not have to try.
6, Ray Bans Sunglasses is support counter verification, no matter what channels you buy from Ray-Ban Sunglasses may have the glasses store counter to families, they sell this, one can argue about, so you can go to A's house to buy is not assured, can go to the B home C is a test it is a free service, remember to say thank you. (buy when wearing a comfortable and can make the shop to help you transfer your head like, for example)

7, Ray-Ban sunglasses in imitation of domestic various grades are too numerous to mention that, prices from twenty or thirty to stall shop sanwubo ranging. It is difficult to identify some of the fine imitation really difficult to identify, but a point of the price of goods, more or less a little difference, pay attention to the details that are specific, the following will say. Another point is that I Nanjing a lap to go down, selling fake goods and the seller will you say is imitation, they also clearly marked, imitation is imitation goods prices, people don't need this money to earn you lost their jobs, so we actually do not worry too much about being cheated. (including online shopping is also no need to earn your money for a bad review)

Oakley Sunglasses dealers remind you: wear sunglasses pay attention to the following 5 points

1 prevent frame deformation
Ray Bans Sale are optical products, the frame is not easy to deformation, not only affect the comfort of wearing, but also harm vision and health. Therefore, in the process of wearing glasses to avoid external shocks or oppression, wearing glasses should be put on the hands, to prevent the unilateral uneven force caused by frame deformation, and the angle of the lens position change. If the deformation of the frame is found, it is necessary to correct the glasses shop in time.

2 keep lens clean
Sunglasses should be cleaned regularly. The first to resin lenses, drop one or two drops of detergent, remove dust and dirt on the lens, then rinse under running water, using toilet paper to absorb the drops of water on the lenses, and finally with a clean and soft lens cleaning cloth to wipe the water.

3 keep good Oakley sunglasses for cheap
Resin lens hardness is low, prone to scratches. Usually if the sunglasses randomly thrown, so that the resin lens convex placed under the contact with hard objects, subject to friction, the lens surface will be destroyed. Therefore, do not wear sunglasses must be put into the glasses box. Resin lens is not resistant to high temperature, should avoid contact with hot water, do not put in the kitchen and other places of high temperature.

4 can not wear for a long time
Because the baby's visual function in the stage of development, still immature, if wearing sunglasses too long, because the macular area can not be effectively stimulated, will affect the further development of vision and lead to amblyopia, even high quality Wholesale Oakley sunglasses is no exception.

The right way: when the sun is strong to go out, put on sunglasses to the baby, when the sun is weak in time to take off: the baby after twenty or thirty minutes of continuous wear, it is best to take off the Fake Oakley sunglasses to let eyes change environment.

5 wear sunglasses to distinguish between time and occasion
Only when the sun is relatively strong light out, or swimming, sunbathing on the beach, you need to Wholesale Fake Ray Ban Outlet Sunglasses, the rest of the time or occasion without wearing, so as not to hurt the eyes.

Kindly reminder: do not Cheap Oakley Sunglasses China for Sale Free Shipping before the age of 6
The child's crystal is more transparent than adults, so it can not withstand ultraviolet radiation. Ultraviolet rays can also damage the cornea of children and cause burns to the macula. In theory, children should wear sunglasses. But the current market for the sale of children's Replica Oakley sunglasses varied, mostly made of plexiglass or ordinary glass, at best, is a kind of toys, and no UV protection function. And in the strong light, the pupil can naturally shrink, which is the self-protection of the eyes, in order to prevent a large number of ultraviolet light into. Wear sunglasses, the light is dark, but instead of magnifying the pupil. If at this time wearing sunglasses do not have anti UV function, then the eyes will not be protected, but will be hurt.

Children under 6 years of age should not wear Oakley sunglasses. Because their visual function is not yet mature, but also need more bright light and clear image stimulation. Wearing Oakley sunglasses wholesale for a long time, the macular area can not be effectively stimulated, it will affect the further development of vision, severe and may even lead to amblyopia.

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Change in social experiments, a ray ban film series

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Ban Ray created a film series focused on the changes in social experiments. Whether to break the board to apologize for their symbolic breaking past or staring at a stranger's eye for 4 minutes, hoping to establish a connection, Ban Ray is a challenging social norm. Here are a selection of two live live reviews; I'm sorry and the sound of the eyes.
I'm sorry.

Summer is past these popular spicy chicken you do not wear sunglasses?

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South Korea IDOL staffing a drunby artifact, since the Pacific in Beijing flagship store opened, Shanghai Huaihai Road on September 1st grand opening. Domestic large coffee is a pair of hand never abandon, why the South Korean brand development so quickly? After all star effect is really powerful catalyst!
The first was the Korean goddess Gianna Jun, "when you come from the stars" blaze, the elder sister in the deductive GM but all sold out of stock!
Privately in the airport in the street to shoot what can not be completely separated from GM, concave shape enough!

Brazil scientists: ray ban sunglasses to at least two years for a change

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According to the British "Daily Mail" reported in August 26th, Brazil, the day before the scientists warned that ray ban sunglasses to at least two years for a change. Over time, the sunglasses will be damaged by sunlight, resulting in a gradual increase in ultraviolet flux, so that the lens of the eye to protect the role of weak.

How to better protect the eyes

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For the bicycle hand, the eye not only let us identify the direction of the road, but also let us enjoy the beautiful scenery along the way. However, the eye is one of the most soft and easily injured organs in our body. We usually ride out, the eyes are inevitably exposed to light or sand and other environments. So it is necessary to know how to protect the eyes outdoors.

Original sunglasses also have shelf life"

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Summer has past, but recently clear, the sun "unbridled", many people love to the sun, go out wearing sunglasses. However, have you ever noticed the "shelf life" of sunglasses?
A new study shows that a pair of sunglasses "shelf life" in the 2 years or so, expired, after the sunglasses is likely to lose its role in protecting the eyes.
The lens long time exposure to sunlight will reduce the ability of ultraviolet radiation, the long time does not change, is likely to cause corneal damage, causing vision problems.

Sunglasses Maintenance Tips

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In fact Sunglasses material than the shape and color of sunglasses are more important, a really good sunglasses, in addition to the gorgeous appearance, should also have good anti UV anti glare function, also has a certain anti impact performance. And all of these are made of sunglasses. Sunglasses lenses can be divided into: plastic lenses, glass lenses, polarized lenses, color changing lenses.

Sunglasses brand ranking

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Compared to women, men's fashion equipment like from the category has less a mile, but it is said that a long handsome fashionable men usually have three things: watch, a camera, a pair of sunglasses. Today, we are the men's sunglasses, hut sunglass to bring you to understand the men's Sunglasses brand ranking. Launch beach surf series surf Oakley 30 years classical mirror type Frogskin reloading.

Top 10 Oakleys Polarized Sunglasses

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You are your brand new Oakley sunglasses. Your last half marathon, an other promotional gift. Yeah, that's fine. You're on your own.
On your way, you pushed to your first song is your wife. Speed, your strong glare reflective pavement, your eyes are a slight tear, burn. Glare, a more scenic route, I hope you in your home in the vicinity of the park adventure. However, your black lens, it is not possible to make the scene to improve, not a heavy view. After returning home, want to know the failure, whether there is a better way.

Bad Sunglasses hurt the eyes

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Some stall selling sunglasses are safe, can be used to choose sunglasses have no need to pay attention to the problem? Scorching summer, the sun glare, sunglasses to its covers the dazzling sunshine function, a variety of colors and styles by more and more consumers love, become a lot of people out essential items. However, not all sunglasses can have a protective effect on the eye. City Consumer Protection Committee to remind consumers to buy Sunglasses must pay attention to anti ultraviolet effect, that is, the UV index glasses.