Do you know how to choose sunglasses in summer?

1. should go to regular glasses shop, choose regular manufacturers produce Sunglasses with anti ultraviolet function. Poor sunglasses do not stop ultraviolet light. But also to reduce the lens transmittance seriously, so that the pupil becomes larger, ultraviolet light will be a large number of injections, so that damage to the eyes. In addition, poor quality lenses can cause nausea, forgetfulness, insomnia and other visual fatigue symptoms
2., buy Sunglasses should pay attention to the lens shade, mainly affected by the color of the lens. According to the survey, 62% of people wear green and Brown Sunglasses, they feel more comfortable, and some prefer gray and blue. The best anti UV and infrared radiation effects are dark green and dark gray lenses, and yellow lenses have poor shielding effects. The effect of sun shading is also related to the chemical addition of the lens or the surface of the lens.
3. when the sun goes down, it is best to remove the sun glasses, otherwise, we will be affected in the weak areas of vision.
4., it is better to use polarized sunglasses in a car because they can weaken the glare
The color of the sunglasses may be mentioned in the front. In fact, the color of the lenses will not affect the anti UV effect, but the function of the different colors of the lenses to adjust the intensity of the light is different
1., the color of the lens is gray, gray and green is ideal, gray is the best, it can uniformly reduce the color of the light in the color, retain the primary colors of the video
2., blue will see the object bias blue, in the sun will feel dazzling, brown lens can block blue, make people feel very comfortable, the color of the lens is deep, not equal to the effect of UV filter
3., no color lenses, such as people familiar with the short-sighted mirror, the same can block ultraviolet light. The lens depth affects only the luminosity to look at things, wearing glasses too deep or the reflector does not need to be in the city, if you are going to the beach, mountain climbing, skiing is wearing a dark mirror
When the quality of the protective effect of sunglasses, sunglasses can't see things clearly, and can not resist ultraviolet rays, the result will even make mydriasis, the lens of the eye is more ultraviolet radiation, leading to eye disease, how to distinguish the quality of eyes?
1 observe whether the lens has scratches, impurities, bubbles, stripes, check the outer packing of sunglasses is in good condition
2. to observe whether the formation of lens: take Sunglasses with hand corners facing the fluorescent lamp, see the mirror reflection, if the mirror reflection of the fluorescent film wave, twisted, that lens is not flat, so the mirror can damage eyesight
3., wear a walk, try to see if there is vertigo, headache feeling
4. color should be put on after the color of the surrounding environment without distortion as the standard, the edge of the object to be able to see clearly, the most important is that the signal must be able to effectively identify the different colors, this point is especially important for drivers. Qualified sunglasses can accurately distinguish 4 colors: red, yellow, green and blue
5., whether it can effectively resist ultraviolet light, the lens labels will be marked for UV shielding effect, the parameters of 400 nm sunglasses can absorb ultraviolet 100%
Depending on the face of the selection of sunglasses, not only can prevent ultraviolet rays, but also bring aesthetic feeling
1. oval face
For men, each type of picture frame fits perfectly, but it is better to choose a horizontal frame that is slightly larger than the face line, while female friends may choose a streamlined or round frame sunglasses
2. round face
The best choice for a rough edge or a large box, exaggerated angular frame, oblate shaped face, people should use the square frame distance under the narrow Sunglasses
3. square face
Preferably a slightly larger round or oval frame
4. long face
If a long narrow face, can choose the angular or geometric frames
A face with 5. inverted triangles
Oval or round frames can be selected