How do men choose their own sunglasses?

Recently, in the study of what sunglasses to buy, a bit of experience, just wrote a simple comment, and now write a complete answer for you to refer to, sunglasses are pedestrian shapes and street pat shape of great difference. A good match, with the right sunglasses to complete. Street beat modelling basically needs sunglasses. Sunglasses can cover the asymmetrical parts of the eyes, and make people more temperamental, both male and female. The other day, there was an article at the squirrel meeting about the attraction of dark glasses, which we could refer to. (the guy in the picture is called Galla, who can pay attention to @imgalla on instagram.)


First, you can't cope with different shades with a pair of Fake Ray Ban Sunglasses. Should have several pairs of different types of sunglasses (Galla brother often face has three or four types). Also, hair has a great influence on the effect of sunglasses on the face, the bangs long boys, girls some bangs drooping hair, if wearing sunglasses, will make your face appear too much, too crowded. So it's better to show your forehead, even if it's part of it. We observe the pictures of men without bangs cover the eyebrows, mostly to the back of bangs, that is, Ponbadu hairstyle.


Sunglasses mainly consider three aspects. The first is the shape of the frames, such as ray, ban, classic wayfarer, Clubmaster and aviator. According to my experience, Wayfarer and Clubmaster styling low-key, retro, suitable for casual wear, such as short sleeved polo shirt. Let's take a picture of Wayfarer first

Second is the color of the lens, the best color and the color of the hair close to. I have tried light lenses before, and I don't feel good when I wear them. I don't know which ones do not look good. I later found out that it was the color of hair. There are many light colored lenses with tinted lenses that may match blond hair and look harmonious and unobtrusive. So for a man, if you don't know what the insurance from the entry, black (Galla who are basically black sunglasses). For women with hair, you can try different colors. Tucao some of the color coated sunglasses, blue, orange, seaside wear, okay, usually out of the street wearing it does not feel uncomfortable? There is no green eyed flies that visual sense

The third is the frame material, which is related to the comfort of sunglasses and visual effects. Needless to say, the metal, formal, heavy weight, Aviator Sunglasses mostly metal based, but there are new materials, the kind of expensive points, but wear very light, very comfortable. The other is more for the plate, the color of the plate and the closest to the best color, casual wear well. Tortoiseshell is all-match, which belongs to the type of tiger balm. As for the lens material, whether polarized light, these more professional problems... Never studied. Polarized light is expensive, maybe better? I'm not selling sunglasses, not advertising. This is a little experience recently, to answer the main audience find master pat.