Ray-Ban glasses VS millet glasses, who wins?

However, glasses industry insiders broke the news, millet by Ecos Corporation, Rui meters introduced known as "senior designer glasses, materials experts to participate in the building, starting from the functional perspective of fashion, attention to design and process performance, glasses. The framework of innovation of material let glasses with amazing light, with no sense of wearing experience "can change the legs TR material glasses, is in fact as early as March 2007, regarded by the Iraqi team can glasses in the world's largest glasses Exhibition" Italy Milan International glasses Exhibition ", first introduced the design works. And TR material is not described in advertising as innovative material, but as early as 10 years ago already full streets are common in common glasses material.
As for the price of 189 yuan, learned from the many glasses manufacturers, millet the glasses frame cost should be less than 20 yuan (according to the batch, domestic or imported materials, technology requirements and other factors on slightly floating), zero degree flat HOYA anti blue lens costs in 25 yuan. At the same time, removal of packaging, logistics costs about 20 yuan, millet launched this year glasses profit of about: 189-20-25-20=124 yuan, gross margin of about 66%.
Compared to 66% of the gross margin and had to be listed business stores Shenzhen traditional glasses glasses Dr. published an average of 73% gross margin, do less than 7%, visible millet has always been the "low-cost strategy" still plays a role, but the actual advantage is not very obvious.
Coincidentally, the author recently learned from the relevant channels, the international famous glasses brand Ray-Ban (Ray-Ban) will also be introduced to the Chinese mainland market, "anti blue goggles."". Unlike millet glasses is that Ray-Ban glasses will be launched this "prescription anti blue goggles", also known as the "prescription", will support the anti blue goggles myopia, hyperopia, presbyopia and degree of customization.