Ray-Ban Remix online to customize your exclusive Sunglasses

Global high-end glasses giant Luxottica Group recently launched the glory Ray-Ban Remix new sunglasses Online Custom service. Users can directly customize and purchase personalized Ray-Ban http://www.ray-ban.com/zh/customize Sunglasses through the Ray-Ban online. This service will be officially landed in China in July 10, 2014.
To launch this innovative, experiential service for the industry, Wholesale Fake Ray Ban Outlet Sunglasses has invited an award-winning Taiwan singer, songwriter Chen Shanni, to become the first honorary customer of Ray-Ban Remix's online customization service. Chen Shanni first made himself a Aviator pilot, classic style, black frame and foot sleeve, with green reflective lenses. In addition, she was inspired by the music album "low-key life", a custom Wayfarer hiker style, the color of the front frame, black frosted glasses legs, collocation light brown gradient lenses, the perfect interpretation of her unique style of music, not rigidly adhere to the limitation of the genre, bold fusion offbeat ballad, pop music and electronic the music style in one. COOL is also engraved with her signature signature in the glasses case "STAY"".
Chen Shanni shared: "I pursue a maverick style of music. I think it's a unique charm.". So, while choosing my favorite Ray-Ban & oakley sunglasses website Classic Sunglasses, I also want to add my own features to classic styles. The Ray-Ban Remix online customization service gives me an amazing and creative experience, where I can mix and try freely. It's also an interesting process of discovering the real self."
In the past 80 years, Ray Ban Canada has an undisputed leading position in brand heritage, design style, product quality and function. Ray-Ban Ray-Ban brand legend has been constantly innovation and consolidation, won numerous worldwide film, music, cultural and political celebrity celebrities widely sought after. Today, the Ray-Ban Remix service gives you the opportunity to become a witness to the brand new legend. Only a few steps you can click on the network, according to their own imagination to Ray-Ban Ray-Ban Sunglasses iconic style of personalized Creation -- you can find collocation spectacle frame and spectacle legs color, choose love lenses, and engraved signature mark in the leg and the mirror box.
From now on, welcome to http://www.ray-ban.com/zh/customize, and you can take the lead in getting your exclusive custom Ray-Ban Ray-Ban sunglasses:
1. choose your style! You can choose the classic style of Ray-Ban Ray-Ban - the Aviator aviator, the Origianl Wayfarer classic hiker and the New Wayfarer new hiker series, and optional opaque surfaces or glossy finish surfaces.
2. mix colors and lenses! Choose your favorite frame color, and enjoy the fun of mixing the legs of a mirror. Enjoy the rich lenses of Ray-Ban Ray-Ban, including standard lenses, tapered lenses, reflective lenses, and polarizing lenses.
3. add your personality sign! Write your friend or your own name or signature (both inside and outside) at the foot and mirror case.
Stay tuned for http://www.ray-ban.com/zh/customize and find an unprecedented online customization experience for sunglasses!
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