Ray-Ban Sunglasses product introduction and selection of Raiders

Ray-Ban Sunglasses has always been a leader in the high-end eyewear industry, synonymous with fashion and fashion, a perfect combination of fashion and utility, good industrial design and excellent manufacturing processes. Sunglasses series, variety Ray-Ban Ray-Ban's range of purchase is very complex, this paper will start from zero, the difference Ray-Ban details of the Ray-Ban brand history, Ray-Ban sunglasses sunglasses Ray-Ban various series of shape, material, style, and from the purchase channels, lenses and frames the size, material, note purchase etc. with the purchase, provide guidance for consumers, and provides a method to identify genuine Ray-Ban glasses. Allow consumers to fully understand the Ray-Ban Ray-Ban sunglasses on the basis of rational choice.Ray Ban Sunglasses Cheap Outlet. 2014 Fake Ray Bans Outlet

I have contact with Ray-Ban Ray-Ban sunglasses for a long time, although I have done a lot of research, but it is far from enough. There are still many problems in this article, if not, welcome to point out. This article is also a big talk, and welcome the great gods to pool their wisdom and improve together. The catalogue is as follows:
Basic knowledge of sunglasses
Two, Ray-Ban Ray-Ban brand introduction
Three, Ray-Ban Ray-Ban products category
Four, Ray-Ban Ray-Ban detailed introduction of each series of products
Five, Ray-Ban Ray-Ban Sunglasses shopping guide
Six, Ray-Ban Ray-Ban Sunglasses true and false identification method

Basic knowledge of sunglasses
1, the basic concept: sunglasses, also known as sunglasses, is a kind of glasses that can block the sun rays (including ultraviolet and infrared), and reduce the irritation to the eyes.
2. Optical principle: sunglasses can resist glare and protect eyes, which are attributed to lenses.
Some lenses add some metal oxides to the lens so that they can selectively remove some of the harmful light.
Part of the lens (polarization) uses the principle of the shutter to turn the dazzling light away, allowing only vertical rays that are harmless to the human eye.
A part of the lens (reflective) that protects the eye from irritation by coating it on the surface and reflecting harmful light on the basis of the reflectivity of the light.
3, about lenses: lenses are always the most important part of sunglasses, lenses are the following:
Color lens: that is, in the process of making the lens (or directly on the lens), adding chemicals, so that the color of the lens, to absorb specific wavelengths of light.
Anti reflective lens: the lens surface coated with a layer of magnesium fluoride, neither received light stimulation, but also can ensure can see clearly.
Polarized light lenses: vertical lenses are added to the lenses to remove glare from other directions.
Change color lens: add the silver halide and other chemical substances on the lens to make the original transparent lens turn into colored lenses after the strong light.
Two, Ray-Ban Ray-Ban brand introduction
Ray-Ban (Ray-Ban) is a world famous brand sunglasses Bausch & Lomb company launched, from the surface meaning, "Ray-Ban", "Ray" refers to the light, and "Ban" refers to the meaning of the barrier, as the name suggests, Ray-Ban (Ray-Ban) sunglasses is the fist product.
Ray-Ban (Ray-Ban) sunglasses are first used as military items in the U. S. air force. According to legend, in 1920s, the American Air Force pilots were very annoyed by the glare and direct sunlight. The Quartermaster department needed an eye that could absorb the glare of sunlight and maintain good clarity. In 1930, Bausch & Lomb companies developed protective function, the appearance of our Ray-Ban sunglasses. For a while, pilots wearing Ray-Ban Sunglasses captured the hearts of thousands of women.
Three, Ray-Ban Ray-Ban products category
1, according to the appearance of differences, can be divided into five series:

Aviator (Aviator) series: classic styles from 1937.
Wayfarer (hiker) series: the most iconic Sunglasses
Clubmaster (Club) series: the exquisite icons of Wayfarer's transformation and Party people.
Justin (Justin) series: young, fashion, for the future, bright color, translucent frames stunning lenses and rubber processing Justin bold and full of fun, really create avant-garde styling for you.
Erika (Erica) series: must have retro wind, oversized round lenses and a soft keyhole. The nose bridge adds curves to the sunglasses and perfectly modifies the face shape.