Recommend frames for RayBan or Oakley or other good brands

Thank you. For brands such as Ray-Ban, which are heavily counterfeited, it's hard to judge what is true and false only by pictures, unless it's particularly bad. All anti-counterfeit labels and packages can be counterfeited, and it is not difficult for counterfeit businesses. They will cut corners only where the naked eye can not judge. More prominent is the frame material, surface plating, lenses and other naked eye is not good place to judge. For people outside the industry, from the channel presumption is simpler. Only from Ray-Ban's official channels (such as: bright view chain store, Tmall flagship store) or through the Ray-Ban official authorized store to buy, is genuine. Don't believe in smuggled goods. Where are there so many smuggling possibilities? Rat stuff (stolen from the factory. The number is very small, do not put in the shop to sell), Potter (completely no poop, counter (possible) verification which counter will provide this service?) In fact, are fake marketing gimmick.