The shades of sunglasses and the color of the face

The warm summer has come again. How can you get less fashionable sunglasses? A suitable sunglasses can not only be used to resist the strong sunlight, but also to decorate your face. This section will introduce the types of sunglasses and suitable color, facial shape.
1. Wellington Sunglasses (Wellington): Wellington Sunglasses with high popularity, but sunglasses in the fixed goods, Li
The falling lines create an impression of being handsome, free and easy, a style that was popular in the 50s of the last century. Its characteristic is: close to the square frame, the frame below the contraction, like a turn around the corner to the trapezoidal frame protrude a small part of the nose and the upper frame sunglasses at the same level or less.

2. big sunglasses (Big Oval): elliptic to broad face sunglasses, do not pick face, beautiful shape to make sense of fashion can create vivid, succinct neat style. The utility model is characterized in that the utility model is similar to a large ellipse, and unlike the Wellington sunglasses, the frame of the large elliptical sunglasses is round above, and the upper part of the frames of the Wellington sunglasses is more flat. Sunglasses in the middle of the nose and the frame can choose a finer style, it will appear more light.


3. teardrop Sunglasses (Teardrop): also known as Pilot Sunglasses, large lenses can cover the high intensity of the sun at the sky, is a very American style of a single product. The utility model is characterized in that a right angled triangle is similar to an inverted right angle triangle, and the shape of a bow is like a downward drop, and the frames are mostly metal.

4. square Sunglasses (Square): group the effect of frame line, has a strong sense of presence, the big glasses can play a significant role in the face. The utility model is characterized in that the square picture frame of the straight line has the straight line of the picture frame above. And Wellington is not the same as sunglasses, sunglasses, sunglasses and frame above the Wellington bridge at the same level or less, and above the square frame sunglasses often far higher than the sunglasses frame is very big nose.

5. round sunglasses (Round): a similar round sunglasses, has a long history, is the period of the Republic of China scholar standard, popular writers welcome, choose the plastic frame or laser lens will appear more modern retro round sunglasses.

6. Cat Eye Sunglasses (Cat eye): frames on both sides of the eyes hanging type, is very fashionable style, because Marilyn Monro often wear, also known as Monroe sunglasses.

Introduced several common sunglasses, and then for you to introduce different faces suitable for what kind of sunglasses?.
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Suitable for: teardrop sunglasses, Wellington sunglasses, big oval sunglasses, cat eyes Sunglasses
Not suitable: square Sunglasses
The long face of the MM is more suitable for a longer portrait of the frame, teardrop sunglasses, large oval, such a long vertical lens will cover part of the cheeks, so that the cheeks seem shorter. The shorter, square Sunglasses make the face look longer, and the more round style of the frame is also suitable for long face.
In short, the long face suitable for sunglasses is characterized by: circle, longitudinal amplitude longer.
2. round face
Suitable for: square sunglasses, Cat Eye Sunglasses
Not suitable: large oval sunglasses, round sunglasses
Round face MM is suitable for vertical, narrow, banner lines and square sunglasses. The round face of MM is not suitable for round and oval sunglasses, and the sunglasses and face are very round, which will seem strange.
3. oval
Suitable for: square sunglasses, big oval sunglasses, Cat Eye Sunglasses
Oval MM do not pick style, each shaped sunglasses are appropriate, is a very good face.
4. party face
Suitable for: big oval sunglasses, Cat Eye Sunglasses
Not suitable: square Sunglasses
A large mirror will be a good show face effect, therefore very suitable for large oval Sunglasses square face MM, cat eye type sunglasses frames above to hang banners and a wide, well balance wide cheek. Square Sunglasses collocation square face, face edges and corners too, may seem strange, generous face is not suitable for small frame sunglasses, face will appear larger, and the leg will make meticulous face look even more.
In short, we remember: square face is not suitable for square sunglasses, and a round face is not suitable for round sunglasses, OK!
5. inverted triangle face
Suitable for: square Sunglasses
Inverted triangle face MM is not suitable for inverted triangle sunglasses, and suitable for four corners of sunglasses, such as square sunglasses.
Next, I will teach you some little knowledge about sunglasses.
1., with sunglasses, sunglasses, frames above the eyebrows with the anastomosis, only a little eyebrows can show, the left side of the following picture is OK, the right side of the eyebrows are exposed too much. The color of the lens must be strong enough to be invisible from the outside of the sunglasses.
2. glasses with thinner legs, elegant and noble female style, and luxury. And the sunglasses with thicker mirror legs are very fashionable and casual.
3., the upper side of the frame (close to sunglasses, nose tray, in the upper left and right upper side of the nose) of the line more round, will appear feminine, straight lines are more personalized, giving a neutral impression.
4., the color of the white MM, more suitable for bright white, beige, light brown and other colors of sunglasses, in short, bright colors, lighter sunglasses, more suitable for white skin MM.
5., the MM of wheat color skin is suitable for dark, dark brown and golden shades, and the style of publicity is more warm with wheat skin, such as big oval sunglasses.
6. Brown lenses sunglasses are universal color, very suitable for yellow skin Asians, Brown is also a very good combination of color.
7. gray lenses are the color of urban style, the gradual gray lenses appear very feminine.