Thousands of sunglasses and dozens of sunglasses, what is the difference?

The difference is against UV protection. The dark and uv. The pupil of the human eye is automatically adjusted under bright light, reducing the entry of ultraviolet rays to protect the eyes. Poor quality sunglasses can make the dark, but not at the same time due to UV light dark pupil will not automatically adjust, but will make the eyes receiving more ultraviolet rays, wearing sunglasses do not wear more than inferior eye injury. Good shades should filter out 90% of UV light.
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I'll help you to speak from the polarizing polarized lenses above, now the market is divided into two kinds, one is the resin, light, anti corrosion coating, not afraid to fall, not easy to scratch; glass lenses used friends all know, first fragile, will next be heavier than the resin, and glass coating relatively easy to scratch, so we should pay more attention to the placement of the usual course of the way, the lens cleaning efforts to control, pay attention to maintenance. When you buy a Polaroid lens, the two polarizing lenses are vertically stacked and the lenses will be opaque.  The reason is that polarizer lenses are specially designed to allow only parallel light to pass through the lens, while most of the light is blocked when the two lens is vertically stacked. When you buy, as long as such a simple operation, you can immediately know the authenticity of the product and good or bad. A good polarizing lens, light, can filter 99% dazzling reflection of random light, 99% of harmful ultraviolet light, not brittle. In order to filter the sun equal direction in the surface of the water, land or snow on the dazzling light, adding special coating to perpendicular to the lens, the polarizing lens we call it 0 degrees of polarized light, polarized lenses on the market is relatively good, good brand Polaroid polarized lenses, polarized lenses and hard weixing. Generally we buy when you can go ask the store lens manufacturers, small manufacturers do not polarized lenses to protect your eyes, and wearing there will be dizziness, nausea and other symptoms, such as polarized lenses or as early as possible for the landlord threw a wonderful suggestion. I have talked with the owner of many small glasses, also learned a lot in this shop, the so-called pop, they do some so-called photochromic lenses is the direct use of electromagnetic oven own coating, the specific process is not convenient to describe, is not stated, but this is really the most couples store low cost do the so-called photochromic lens, so the first hard coated lens can not be coated, so they are not through hard lenses, on the other hand, we can only imagine photochromic lens electromagnetic oven can be made out of what it is, so I hope you don't buy glasses after a boss and cooked or, that is cheaper than other places to go to believe blindly, professional production equipment manufacturers or lenses at ease, eyes a lifetime thing.

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Prior to the factory in charge of three years of glasses supply chain, and now do retail side supply chain, or do glasses?.
Where the company is a mass market sporting goods supermarket, the design can not say how good, quality is dare to stand up to speak.
Dozens of pieces of glasses, as long as not profiteers, compared the optical properties from the cost and price of thousands of dollars and glasses, scores of discussion. The first is protection performance, I handled the purchase of sunglasses, PC lens, metal or TR90 frame material, less than fifty dollars is the ex factory price take under (to see the volume, your own company is take the amount of amortization is very cheap, die). Even with polarized light, the ex factory price will not exceed 100 yuan. On UV protection, polarization, anti impact, anti-aging and distortion, more than most of the thousands of glasses, especially the production of various Lu ladder card, luxury brand OEM glasses are not high. The second is the lens technology, all kinds of near metaphysics to Essilor (all, Oakley luxotticaentered home.) as the representative of the lenses or glasses, launched various English - lens technology combination, can be in different light intensity variation of light do you cannot read the adjustment, why not say, but it seems like a really useful to wear like. This wave, I personally think that a category can be classified into the headset, not very understanding, may be the eye s'. Some people like, some people do not feel like you like it. There is a thing called a premium brand, Ray-Ban this hundred years brand, such as Chanel and LV luxury, you know glasses could cost less than the price of one percent, but is willing to buy this brand, there is no way, NOKIA also dare to take a red rice configuration or sell 1699. That sentence, your love is good. At least, from the basis of the optical protection performance, as long as not profiteers, dozens of dollars to thousands of pieces of glasses box, tens of thousands of pieces of glasses are similar.