What are the less expensive and good looking Sunglasses brands?

Although people always choose to go to the beach because of their healthy skin color, they don't really care about half a dime.
In order to correct this misconception, the Australian government has often launched advertisements on television that have "intimidating effects".
For example, you often see old people who are harmless to humans, suddenly say on camera how handsome and talented their children are, and love the beach and surf. You can't even help keep the old man's abdominal muscles together. Then the style will suddenly turn, the old man began to tears, because the original children do not pay attention to the sun for a long time, died of skin cancer......
At the end of the ad, a forceful baritone tells you: "There's nothing healthy about a tan". The next time you go to the beach and earnestly remember sunscreen and sunglasses.
Probably because the influence of Hong Kong, we will put the sunglasses default as part of a shape, while ignoring its eye sunscreen effect.
If ignored last week's weary of the sandstorm, this year the spring in Beijing comes very comfortable. The sun is hot, but not hot. The breeze blows, let people can not wait to open the topic will be soloist in Sanlitun. But on such a beautiful day, especially don't forget to wear sunglasses. In addition to because you squint to see people's appearance, absolutely no imagination of their own charming, you are squeezed by the work to what eye cream can not save the eyes, really can not withstand the sun's exposure.
Moreover, even if you are lucky to have a pair of particularly attractive eyes, but a pair of correct shades of sunglasses mysterious, can definitely let you out of the crowd.
Proper lens shapes improve the lines of the face, such as round lenses that soften the edges and corners of the square face, while rectangular lenses highlight the edges and corners of rounded faces that are difficult to detect.
So today we recommend some glasses brand.
Don't worry, the luxury brand sunglasses at four thousand or five thousand, or at least two thousand or three thousand of the price is not in the scope of ordinary people can accept; like Ray-Ban brand in every bright view can be seen, it is not necessary introduction again.
So today I've been looking for some sunglasses brands that don't cost too much and don't throw away the design sense.
- Gentle monster -
Gentle monster2011 was founded by several young Koreans, advocating avant-garde trends. It was also a brand that was brought back by the Korean wave. When the "fire from the stars" happened, the heroine wore a lot of sunglasses from their home.
These two years, Gentle monster is a fire in a mess, became a net red and star standard. It's on the airport street,
New TV series,
New variety, there are shades of his home sunglasses.
Although the frames used in each series are different, the lenses of Gentle monster all come from Zeiss, Germany, to minimize light damage to the eye. Against this point, Gentle monster is not the brand that can't do Sunglasses with TAC lenses.
And even if you don't, I suggest you go to Gentle monster's flagship store some day. I always felt that Gentle monster never thought of being an honest optician. He always turned his flagship store into an art exhibition, and each shop had different themes.
Their flagship store in Shanghai recently is based on conflict and harmony:
The store in Beijing, Sanlitun, takes the'SECRET NEIGHBORS'as the theme:
Although these stores are somewhat dazzling in design, there is no discount on the customer experience. For example, in Beijing Sanlitun shop, as long as it is able to pick up the glasses, you do not need to move the place, you can find the mirror, very convenient.
And the top priority is that the Gentle monster sunglasses are priced at around 1300-1800 yuan. Some of the lenses are very special. They'll buy around 2000. It's probably the cheapest pop star you can buy.
- Karen Walker -
Finish the Korean wave, want to talk about the European and American circle more fire a designer, the same name brand, Karen Walker, is said to have fire to Hollywood, one hand.
Since the introduction of sunglasses in 2005, Karen Walker has attracted considerable attention, and sunglasses are very personality. Even the resurgence of logo today, many people still do not like D&G, Chanel, these luxury sunglasses sunglasses on the obvious Logo, always feel forced to pretend to be suspected.  Karen Walker is for these people.
The arrow mark Karen Walker classic is very cute, senior and unassuming, can let you know what people always see the taste, and not for no reason was the population of tongue.
Xun Zhou
In addition to the very well regulated products in the picture, Karen Walker has plenty of small, small, playful sunglasses, such as the recently launched brand of M.A.C, a make-up brand:
Make the basic sunglasses for pilots cool and retro. What's more, KW is very good at material, such as the series that creates a sense of technology with metal. It's also very popular.
Also have to say is, Karen Walker is too much advertising, have been rescued by the pet dog to shoot advertising:
Ask an older model to take a picture:
Please live in Kenya to take pictures of black artists:
Even ask for a mop to take a picture:
These commercials are not only to prove the aesthetic, but also from these strange ideas to see KW's nifty.
As far as your price concerns are concerned, how expensive can KW be as a young brand?. 1500 or so can buy their home's most classic products