What are the low-priced foreign Sunglasses brands?

Title Hello, I do not quite understand, you say the niche is a small concept. Many niche sunglasses will burn up as soon as the stars wear them, but few of them will know if they don't wear them. This is a dead cycle. I prefer sunglasses to fashion. How many people are wearing sunglasses now for sun protection? Anyway, I wear it just for fun. Ha ha ha. 1. Gentle Monster mentioned Sunglasses without mentioning GM, concern the entertainment and fashion circles may this year have eyes played calluses. But no way, people are good-looking and unique. It was followed by "star you" fire up, casually count our superstar, ode to Iraq, there are 8, 9 pairs.


This year's new Love Punch is very popular, INS already has a lot of fashion people wear it, took pictures of the United States and the United States, and if there is a chance, must enter a pair. But no chance, the source of stock of the rhythm.

TF is a European and American brand, so for most Asian people whose nose is not very high, it is more comfortable to choose a pair of sunglasses with nose support.
Another reason to let me powder on this brand, many of her family's advertising, take erotic edge ball route, very own attitude. Should not be crab?.

3. Karen Walker
KW that's what I've known for two years, though it's been around for more than 20 years. Her sunglasses are fashionable and unique, suitable for all kinds of face. Fan Bingbing, Xun Zhou, Hilary Tsui and so on are all KW's loyal fans.
Harvest has obvious effect of a face lift, once the discount site and the store immediately out of stock.

4. Ray-Ban
Ray-Ban is the sunglasses that people can not forget in the last century. 20 years ago, "" the true colour of a hero pony elder brother wearing Ray-Ban look so clear. Although Beckham, Andy Lau, Nicholas Tse still love it, but it seems that in recent years there is no big action.

In the first half of the year, because of Song Zhongji's relationship in the descendant of sun, Ray-Ban has finally returned to the public view. This seems to confirm the fashion cycle rule.

Ray-Ban has never been the exclusive of men, girls wear it equally touching.

In the past two years, the brand and style of fire have been almost the same. If you want to buy a few shades of sunglasses, you'd better buy Sunglasses that most people say well. Otherwise, try wearing them yourself. Because sometimes the niche also means the price is more expensive, can not buy do not buy the wrong wrong.