What are the main differences between cheap sunglasses and expensive sunglasses?

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Thank you. Not to consider the fake fake alternative genuine selling parts, glasses price level is related with the following factors: 1, brand: the most expensive operating costs is to promote a brand awareness widely requires a lot of money into advertising, slowly accumulated to achieve, this part of the investment will be transformed into a part of the price of the. For example: glasses. Foreign clothing brand glasses are in the form of licensing fees paid to the brand side, will also be translated into part of the price. This kind of domestic brands also have, for example: PORTS (ports), 2 glasses design: independent designer brands, hard work and creative designers not only beautify decorative glasses, but also improve the wearing comfort and convenience. Foreign excellent glasses brands in this regard are very huge investment, such as: OAKLEY, these will also occupy a larger share in the price. 3, material: the material difference determines the quality of the glasses, comfort and durability, in the field of Jerry building industry outside people do not see easily. 4, process: process not only determines the degree of fine appearance of the Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses Clearance Outlet on the level of process frame determines the accuracy of glasses. Glasses of poor quality, no matter how good lenses, can not guarantee the accuracy of the parameters of glasses, and the actual parameters of the lens may be gradually changed under the stress generated by the frame. 5, sales links: the longer the sales link, the higher the price. The usual pattern is: Factory - Brands - after sales (wholesalers) - retail stores, at present more and more compressed brands link (by the factory or dealer inventory, printed on their respective brands), while the actual brands + not many retailers. Because brands need to understand the depth of product design and production links, they also need to take stock risk. 6, optometry and optical processing technology: good frames and lenses, no accurate parameters and accurate optometry processing technology, made out of glasses is still not qualified. So far, the accuracy of optometry, in addition to the necessary instruments and equipment, an excellent optometrist is essential, not the computer can do. Excellent teachers naturally match the corresponding income, and if it is to sell to become the main income, then good technology will not spend too much time optometry. The processing of glasses. In the fully open market, in addition to a small number of unscrupulous, hundreds of dollars of dozens of pieces of frames and frames are not comparable. Only from the health point of view, you can ignore large brands of glasses, especially advertising flooding brands. But the choice of brand lenses is still necessary, with the naked eye to judge the quality of the lens is not realistic, the price difference is not big. To your attention: 1, no retail enterprise has the ability to develop independent brand lenses. Therefore, the brand of professional lens factory is more reliable. 2, there is no real difference in the cost structure of wholesale stalls and retail outlets. 3, glasses are non standardized products, sufficient experience necessary to accumulate.

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