What is the difference in quality between the international famous brand sunglasses and the domestic brand sunglasses?

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As a non professional users, before probably learned a few brands, I still have some feeling of heart apparel brand glasses it, said a lot of OEM brand sunglasses, wearing a luxury crowd estimate will not care about this little money. The important thing is to say it three times!!! Don't buy cheap goods! Don't buy cheap goods! Don't buy cheap goods! Including some unscrupulous optical shops, the island is relatively better throughout the country, but also to sell inside the brand.  Unless you don't want your eyes! Will finally explain. Recommendation: 1 civilians abroad: Ray-Ban Ray-Ban, Oakley Oakley (a sports style), flower umbrella Arnold Palmer, ESS ESS (looks like some goggles from the line to civilian products. American and Asian can buy, shape cock, fried days, suitable for men to wear), WILEY, X, PS., Asian American, buy these foreign Sunglasses really cheap, more than 100 U. S. knife will be able to handle, very good. 2: OUTDO (high domestic special shape is moving), Tyrannosaurus Rex, Prosun, CASS Mann, PARIM PARIM (Tmall in the sale. The price is pretty high, Chen Man said!!! In the end, not black and dark lenses can be called sunglasses. Some poor market sunglasses can cause more UV damage to your eyes. The dark lenses seem to withstand the sun's rays and make your eyes feel comfortable for the time being. Not wearing a mirror which eye pupil dilation (let more light into), if the coating or the lens is not qualified, more (stall goods) will enter the eyes (only UV Lens to special treatment to resist ultraviolet radiation) not mistaken, sunglasses look good certificate label, UV400 start (is said to be able to resist out more than 90% of the ultraviolet). Even foreign big name as reference. Eyes are important, or money is important. Go ahead and count on yourself! By the way, buy goods (substandard goods) of the sisters, please go to Alibaba 1688 search for "Sunglasses" keywords, like goods sunglasses cheap to scare you. A few pieces, more than a dozen pieces, you can buy girls like style. Put a pose, take a picture or can, everyday wear please buy regular brand. Thank you