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The United States Oakley company Wholesale Cheap Oakley Sunglasses, today announced the 2010 Tour de France for the new custom glasses, tour de France cyclists will be wearing these excellent custom sunglasses to wear a symbol of the total score of the first yellow jersey to. According to the Oakley's custom plan, fans of the tour de France can also create a similar Sunglasses worn by the players they support.

"We meet the world's best cyclists for vision technology never stop demand. At the same time, we invite them to design sunglasses for ourselves, so that everyone can add their favorite accessories and elements." Oakley CEO Colin Powell said, "Oakley Radar? And Jawbone series makes the world top rider salivating, which also reflects the mission and its contribution to Oakley Sunglasses -- making best performance and excellent protection.

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Baden added that Oakley's customized program allows riders to choose lenses to suit the light conditions they face during the race. They can choose the color of the frames, choose the colours of their fleets, or reflect the colors of their unique personalities. They can even carve patterns on their lenses. The plan is open to the public, so everyone is free to choose and customize. Tour de France fans can also tailor and wear similar styles of sunglasses worn by riders, cheering for their favorite players.
One of the world's most famous cyclist, American athlete Lance Armstrong will wear Oakley? Livestrong? Radar and Jawbone, to clinch the historic eighth time tour de France champion sprint launched. Jawbone uses a multi lens design that can be adjusted quickly as the weather changes. To hide the details of low light and monotonous light, Oakley G30? Lens can improve the visual contrast and depth perception; in changeable weather conditions, Lance is wearing the latest Oakley Clear-Black Iridium? Photochromic lenses, in view of the outside light intensity, can automatically adjust the depth of the lens, balanced transmission the lens can realize light, to ensure that players have more realistic visual effects in the game.
Oakley Radar series
The world and Olympic champion time, the Swiss star Cancellara to defend his title, will wear tailor-made for its Radar series of battle, with the main color glasses Cancellara where the team Saxo Bank team, with Oakley+RED? Iridium and Path lenses, lens appearance?. The 08 year tour de France champion Rafael Sastre of Spain also insisted on wearing the Radar series, he of the custom glasses is described, the frame is bright white (this is where the team Cancellara color), logo is glossy black, black mirror rod.
Cavendish, a British athlete known as the Isle of man missile, is one of the fastest runners in the cycling race, a speed that is extremely demanding for the player's best sight. He is wearing OakleyBMX Chrome Jawbone, and the mirror and jaw customized to the team's grass green, he can also according to the day of illumination, the lens replaced by Jade, Iridium or Fire Iridium. Last year, the tour de France runner up Andy Shrek, this year will be the champion challenge, also has added to the Oakley trust him, choose the team as the deep blue frame, bright white as white as the mirror mirror jaw, rod. Andy knows that Oakley's high definition polarizer (HDPolarized) lenses can block light and provide the best visual images. Facing the glare of car mirrors and highways, he wears a Ice Iridium high-definition polarizer, which makes him safe from glare.
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Other tour de France competitors have also joined Oakley's customized plans, tailored to their personalities and requirements, to tailor their goggles with different colors and lenses, and strive to perform well in the competition. These athletes include:
George *: Jawbone series, frames: pearl white; mirror jaw: Team Blue; bolts: rusty red; logo: team red; lenses: high definition polarizer (HDPolarized) + Red Iridium + Fire Iridium
Wiggins: Jawbone series, frame: bright black; mirror jaw: blue; bolt: bright white; logo: bright white; mirror pole: black; lens: Ice Iridium high-definition polarizer + Black Iridium
Hu Shufude: BMX Chrome Radar limited edition, mirror pole: green; lens: Jade Iridium, equipped with Path appearance
Evans: Radar series, frame: bright white; mirror pole: red; logo: red; lens: Fire Iridium, equipped with Path appearance
Mike * Rodgers: Radar series, frames: team yellow; mirror rod: grass green; logo: grass green; lenses: Jade Iridium, equipped with Path appearance