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How do men choose their own sunglasses?

Recently, in the study of what sunglasses to buy, a bit of experience, just wrote a simple comment, and now write a complete answer for you to refer to, sunglasses are pedestrian shapes and street pat shape of great difference. A good match, with the right sunglasses to complete. Street beat modelling basically needs sunglasses. Sunglasses can cover the asymmetrical parts of the eyes, and make people more temperamental, both male and female. The other day, there was an article at the squirrel meeting about the attraction of dark glasses, which we could refer to.

Ray-Ban debuts formula one

China Beijing Ray Ban Factory Outlet- set and manufacturing fashion, luxury and sports eyewear design, distribution in one of the world's glasses industry giant Luxottica group (Luxottica Group S.p.A.) announced that its famous brand Ray-Ban Sunglasses (Ray-Ban) and Ferrari group (Ferrari S.p.A.) reached a strategic cooperation agreement.


Ray Ban UK Store and Ferrari reached strategic cooperation