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How do men choose their own sunglasses?

Recently, in the study of what sunglasses to buy, a bit of experience, just wrote a simple comment, and now write a complete answer for you to refer to, sunglasses are pedestrian shapes and street pat shape of great difference. A good match, with the right sunglasses to complete. Street beat modelling basically needs sunglasses. Sunglasses can cover the asymmetrical parts of the eyes, and make people more temperamental, both male and female. The other day, there was an article at the squirrel meeting about the attraction of dark glasses, which we could refer to.

Ray-Ban 2011 winter and winter can replace lenses sunglasses: Light Ray series of Flip Out

2011-2012, autumn and winter products, Ray-Ban's new glasses series Light Ray, eager to show beauty, while reflecting the epitome of cutting-edge technology. Light Ray glasses use one of the most innovative materials on the market: low sensitive, durable, flexible and extremely lightweight titanium alloys.

Ray-Ban 2017 new series, launched hundreds of new models of interpretation of Ray-Ban

Ray-Ban as the world's most fashionable people's favorite brand of glasses, has always been in the forefront of the field of design, with powerful and interesting innovative works, stunning your eyes.
2017 summer series, Ray-Ban draws inspiration from the major league baseball to inject fun and fun into the new eyewear range. This series of work is not only a classic legend of a superb collection of beautiful things, and also have a more fashionable, high performance sport, its unique design level, decorate your fashion image, and gives the most outstanding visual experience. Adhering to Ray-Ban's "true self" fashion, the design of the works for the hot summer, the lens is the priority of its attention. So, what are the highlights of the new series?
The grand launch of all metal design style Blaze sun series, with the plane frame creative collocation, outsourcing type lens, lines clear and smooth, clear vision lens brings unparalleled integration! This eye-catching glasses are full of self-confidence, not to be specially tailored to create rules trendsetter. The new lens structure make the classic style exudes a different kind of beauty, beautiful color and full of tension in the contour lines complement each other, this new design methods to make full use of the classic Ray-Ban include: Clubmaster series, Shooter Master party shooter series, Round series and round a very feminine charm the eye contour styles. Blaze hot sun series is surging in the pursuit of freedom of the soul, bold pursuit of style, there is a lattice of wonderful life, highlighting the brand forever remain young spirit.
In terms of color selection of sunglasses, Wholesale Ray Ban Sunglasses Usa has always been in the forefront of fashion. Welcome to join the 2017 summer Chromance eye color world - dotted with colorful eyes!
The new three outstanding sunglasses, is the best combination of urban vitality of men and women. Under the protection of the world's most advanced solar lenses, you will embark on a colorful journey of vision. Excellent technology, so that the color of the world in the sun more clear and bright, so that your eyes in the circulation to capture the wonderful moment of life.
The rich flavor of the original cool taste, not only stick to the sun glasses. This season's Ray-Ban optical glasses also encourage the wearer to take advantage of a new design perspective, beyond the fashion trends and create trends.
Whether you want a dynamic, functional design, or a trendy idol class, Ray-Ban's work has always focused on the ultimate taste and personal qualities.
Wholesale Fake Ray Ban Outlet Sunglasses quest for perfection never ends here! Classic style again. Round round metal half frame style, with a low profile material / color combination, presents perfect and exquisite texture contrast. The new plastic and carbon fiber frames offer excellent functionality, bright color, and rubber detail to make them look more light and create the most tasteful fashion people.
Ray-Ban 2017 summer series - from the new interpretation of exquisite glasses classical temperament, let your eyes of all the beauty of life color!

Ray Ban Outlet Online, Why they are of higher quality

Ray Ban RB2140 Wayfarer Sunglasses Black Frame Crystal Green Len

Sorching summer, sunglasses have become urban population out necessary decoration, the way the sunglasses can effectively protect our eyes from sun erosion, and secondly, the appearance of fashion sunglasses can add the image of temperament!
"GM" sunglasses can prevent ultraviolet 95
"Special use" label, the seat of 99% UV sun glasses