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What are the low-priced foreign Sunglasses brands?

Title Hello, I do not quite understand, you say the niche is a small concept. Many niche sunglasses will burn up as soon as the stars wear them, but few of them will know if they don't wear them. This is a dead cycle. I prefer sunglasses to fashion. How many people are wearing sunglasses now for sun protection? Anyway, I wear it just for fun. Ha ha ha. 1. Gentle Monster mentioned Sunglasses without mentioning GM, concern the entertainment and fashion circles may this year have eyes played calluses. But no way, people are good-looking and unique.

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Global high-end glasses leading companies Lu Xun ladder card group's top Sunglasses brand Ray-Ban Ray-Ban, announced the launch of a global brand declaration activities, Ittakescourage. And China as one of the group's important strategic market, will be launched in mid April 2016 with the global synchronization of fear of what (Ittakescourage) Ray-Ban brand declaration.